I love shooting seniors.  I go back and forth on whether or not it’s something I would want to do a lot of, but seniors like Rachel make me wish I did it more.  She was so much fun to work with and completely trusted me with ANYTHING I asked her to do.  These are some of my favorite images I have ever shot.

This crazy tall bamboo is something I drive past all the time and I have been waiting for just the right person to take to it.

It actually leads down into a creek full of scary stuff in the dark, but she was fearless and was willing to crawl down into it!

We are actually about 4 feet “underground” and immersed in bamboo where this was shot.

Thank you so much for a great session and have fun at Baylor!

Side Note 1: If you are a senior who still needs some photos done, and are up for anything, give me a call. I have some fun ideas.

Side Note 2: If you are a senior and still need some photos done and want to lay down on a big huge 2010 please don’t call me. :)

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