Sarah The Senior
Sarah The Senior

I go back and forth on whether I want to start shooting seniors. Part of me really likes only doing weddings, but then I go and get an incredible senior like Sarah and it makes me feel like I’m missing out on a whole world of fun.

This girl was crazy and up for anything. I saw this truck when our family did a little photo shoot one time, but the combination of tetanus, sharp glass, and little people kept us away from it. I was so glad to have this crazy girl basically run towards the truck!  




This shot was at a cemetery. Her idea. Once again proving that seniors may be the coolest kids in town.  

This may be my favorite from the whole session. I just love the look on her face.  

What’s so funny is that her mom told me that Sarah “hates” having her picture taken but that she “loved today and had so much fun.”
That is absolutely the best compliment I can get. Thank you guys. you were both so much fun.

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