Sara | 6
Sara | 6

Last week Sara had her birthday party.  She is totally into Tangled and decided that was going to be her “theme”.

Side note: I’ve realized that girls birthday parties are like practice weddings.
You spend more money than you should.
You invite people you feel “obligated” to invite.
No one is as impressed as you think they will be at your “event”.
Kids and parents argue over the details of the day.
Once everyone leaves you still have to clean up.

Here are a few shots from Sara’s 6th practice wedding.

This photo proves 2 things.  Danielle is awesome at cakes.  Sara is mediocre at smiling. :)

If there is one thing weddings have taught me, it’s that when you present forks like this, everyone KNOWS it’s a fancy event.
We then painted on the walls.  Rapunzel style.

Each year I am given the task of designing the invitations to all 4 birthday parties.  This year Danielle told me that Sara had done her own.  She drew each of these invitations and made sure everyone got a unique one.  (I’d like to see one of you super brides out there try that!)


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