Purple, Green, Blue and Why I Love You
Purple, Green, Blue and Why I Love You

OK, so you’ve been coming here for a while and you totally love looking at my work.  You ogle over every image and can’t wait for the magical day when I take one of you.  Guess what?  It kinda does not matter that much.  I could post an amazing image or I could just post random colors.

(Yeah I just totally put my logo on those colors.  If you upload them to Facebook I want proper credit!!! ;) )

The thing that will make your marriage and relationship better is you.  Not your photos.

Look at it this way: 

Time spent reading and looking at wedding blogs will help your relationship about 0-5%. 

Time spent saying nice things to each other will help you a lot more than that. 

Take the 3 minutes you would have spent on this site and fire off a real live 4-6 sentence E-mail telling someone why you love them.

(I”m also closing comments because any time you have to comment should also be put towards your I Love You E-mail.)

Ready GO!

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