Plastic Cups
Plastic Cups

Every cup and plate in our house is plastic and we like it.
You are engaged and you should like it.
This post will eventually make sense, and you will like it.


If you look through our kitchen cabinets you’ll see plastic cup after plastic cup.  Our dishes are also plastic.  Some are just a solid color.  Most contain a cartoon character of some sort.  Are Danielle & I allergic to glass?  Do we look down on others for owning fancy dishes?  No.  The reasons for our plastic fetish are simple.  Jo, Sara, Luke & Eli.  Awhile ago we made the decision that the next few years would be much much easier if everything that went back and forth to the kitchen table was NOT breakable. :)  This in turn would allow kids to take and bring all the dishes; something they could not do if we were using “big people” dishes.  (I’m sure each of you has a memory of dropping or breaking a dish while you were young.)   Rather than fight our phase of life, we embraced it whole heartedly and jumped right in.  We have yet to regret this choice AND our meals are more colorful and fun because of it.

One of the coolest things about being engaged is that you are not married yet.  You have cool words like fiancé, bridal showers.  You also get to go to stores, shoot things with a gun, and have other people buy them for you.  Seriously, think about how cool that is.  It’s a season of your life, and it only lasts for awhile.  Embrace it.  Go all out.  Find the joy in saying sentences like “My fiancé and I are having coffee today.”  You can wish and want and try and make your wedding day get here faster, but you may miss the phase of life you are in right now. The same is true of you single people.  Live in the moment of your single-ness.  Find the joy in saying sentences like “I’m having three different guys buy my meals today.”  :)

Most people live their life constantly looking towards the next moment.
When they get engaged.
When they buy a house.
When they have kids.
When they get promoted.
When the kids are out of the house.
When they have grandkids.

All of these are great seasons of life, but please, please don’t look towards them at the expense of where you are today.

Be single. Be engaged. Be married.  Drink out of plastic cups.

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