Photographing A Super Model
Photographing A Super Model


A few days ago I got this perfect E-mail from Lindsey.  She sent it to me about a week after her wedding when she saw her album sneak peek.  Take a look.


“You know, I have to admit, I was VERY nervous that I would not like ANY of the pictures of me.  I am SUPER self conscious, and pretty much hate every picture I see of myself.  However, I am not claiming that I now think I am a super model or anything, but, I do love how you captured the way I felt in each picture you took.  Thank you! ” – Lindsey


E-mails like this totally  make my job worth doing.  I love that I was able to make her feel that way, but even more I love that Lindsey “gets” it.  My photos are not designed to make you look like a Cosmo cover.  They are not retouched to the point that you confuse them with something form glamor shots.  They are a reflection of who you are right now.  Of course I try to capture and document you from flattering angles and in ways that make you look your best, but at the same time as a bride, you need to come at this expecting realistic results.

You are are who you are and that’s fantastic.

The most ironic part is this whole day is about someone committing to you and saying I choose you above all else. But even then in the midst of all this, for many girls the insecurity about how they look still make them feel “ugly” or “not perfect”.   Your groom is choosing YOU.  He is standing up in front of everyone, in an uncomfortable suit you have chosen no less, and declaring YOU as his most favorite girl in the planet.  Stop and think about that.


You have being chosen.

You have been declared a perfect fit.

You are his super model. :)

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