Julie & Jeff: Boring/Fun Photos
Julie & Jeff: Boring/Fun Photos

Jeff & Julie are getting married.  Jeff has twin 15 year old girls.

So Jeff was all like:
“We are taking family photos.
They will be boring.
We will wear black & white.”

And his girls were all like:
“Fine dad.”

marshall-texas-photographers-01 marshall-texas-photographers-02

Then Jeff was all like:
“We will also create a family art piece. It will hang in our home as a family.”

And I was all like. (In my stern dad voice.)
“You girls need to be really careful with that paint.  My camera is expensive.
Don’t flick it near me and do small amounts and make sure it stays on the canvas.”

And in their heads the girls were all like.

“This photogrphr is a jrk. :( Rdy 2 b done wth these stupd photos!”


Then Jeff was all like:
“Boom, I’m flicking paint on your face!”


Then Julie was all like:
“Paint Fight!”

marshall-texas-photographers-05 marshall-texas-photographers-06 marshall-texas-photographers-07

Then everyone was all like:
“Paint fights are the best!”

marshall-texas-photographers-08 marshall-texas-photographers-09

Then as we were cleaning up I overheard one of the girls say:
“Dad that was really fun.”

Did you catch that?  A 15 year old girl just admitted out loud, in public, in front of others, to her dad, that she had fun with him.

Best. Session. Ever.


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