McKellar Baby | Mug Machine
McKellar Baby | Mug Machine

So some of my favorite people in the world had a gender reveal party for their baby a few days ago. (The baby is still in her tummy or that would be extra awkward.)

Anyway, Brent & Vanessa McKellar are some of the most creative people I know so when she mentioned having The Mug Machine at her party I knew it would be a smash hit.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look:

Yes we did.

These two are getting married on 1-1-12.  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding.

Vanessa’s parents.  Great with pillow.

Vanessa & Erika.  Yes ladies, that’s Erika of Erika & Phil fame.

Family photo.

Our lovely host.  Who for some reason decided to point a sword at Vanessa’s womb.

So want to find out what she’s having?  Take a look at the little video she put together below.

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