Lindsey & Jonathan | Baby It’s Cold Outside
Lindsey & Jonathan | Baby It’s Cold Outside


I LOVED these two 5 minutes into their engagement session so I was truly honored that they flew me out to Colorado for their wedding.  In other news… Denver in February is cold.


This was my second wedding at a Noah’s Event Center.  These venues have their act together ladies.  You should check them out.

dallas-wedding-photographer-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-04

It was so so cold, the bridesmaids did great jumping outside for a few photos… the flower girls…. not so much. :)

dallas-wedding-photographer-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-08

Jonathan may have teared up a bit at the sight of his bride.

dallas-wedding-photographer-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-13

Their friends managed the perfect balance of saying nice things about the bride and groom and saying embarrassing things about the bride and groom. :)

dallas-wedding-photographer-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-18

Again, thank you guys so much for trusting me with your day and all the images leading up to it.

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