My Wife Is A Smokin’ Hot Cheerleader
My Wife Is A Smokin’ Hot Cheerleader

So one of the many many perks of being married is you get to inherit a lot of “stuff”.  One of the items that made it’s way into our house was a wood cutout of my wife when she was a high school cheerleader. Take a look.

Super awesome right?  Anyway, I have no idea where the wallet size photos that she got 15 years ago went.  Even the mighty 8×10 prints have gone missing.  The only thing that stood the test of time was this 12 inch tall cut out.  I can’t even begin to guess what her dad “overpaid” for this thing?  29.99?  49.99?  Did he drop 74.99 on this?  I don’t know and I don’t care, and the reality is he does not know or care either.  I’m just glad we have it.  It’s a tangible thing we can pick up and hold, our kids love to look at it and it’s one of our most valuable family heirlooms.  (That might be a stretch but you get the point.)

The same is true of your wedding album.  Today everyone Facebooks and tweets photos left and right and it may seem silly to get a big giant book that tells the story of your day, but the reality is hard drives crash, prints come and go, and how would you feel if all your awesome wedding photos were only on MySpace. :)  Yeah, exactly.  A nice wedding album will last a super long time.  It’s something you and your kids will eventually look at and something that will get passed down.  How awesome would it be to have a wedding album from your grandparents wedding?

The thing is, you don’t have to just take my word for it.  A few months ago I photographed another wedding photographer’s wedding.  Megan is super computer savvy and takes more photos in 1 week than you might in 3 months so “digital files” are something she knows how to deal with.  But she also knows that just having a “disc” is not enough.  In the end she wanted an album.  I’m super glad Megan & Mitch got one and it’s heading out the door to them today but before it left I thought I’d share a few images with you and let you take peek inside.  Enjoy.

You can take a look at her whole album below.



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