My Family Is In A Movie!
My Family Is In A Movie!

For the past 10 years or so Danielle and I have had a little Christmas tradition of going heading down to College Station, eating at Freebirds, getting some Marble Slab, and then doing the Santa’s Wonderland drive through.

This year was extra fun because my favorite wedding videographers Vanessa & Brent McKellar came along and filmed a family video for us. Our kids have already watched it over and over and I know the older they get the more this video will mean to us. I have tons of photos of my kids but there is something extra cool about capturing them on video. You really get a feel for their personality, how they walk, their tiny hands struggling to hold a huge burrito. It’s perfect. (The same is true for getting your wedding filmed. You absolutely MUST do it.)

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the flick.

(This is a service they offer to anyone so hop on it parents!)

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