Tadao Ando & Jennifer (and Ryan)
Tadao Ando & Jennifer (and Ryan)

There are so many ways I could start this post.  I could talk about how fun they are.  I could talk about how I’ve photographed 3 of their friends’ weddings over the years. (Lauren & Brent, Grace & Lucas, Ashley & Blake)  I could talk about how over the top Jennifer is for architecture.  You know what?  Why don’t we start at the beginning.

March 16, 2013

That was the day Ashley & Blake were married.  It was also the date Jennifer caught the bouquet.


A few items of note.

1. She was the shortest one out there.
2. She had poor positioning.
3. She was barefoot.


That’s how it’s done ladies.  I mean seriously.  Look at the girl in the blue dress.  Clearly not even trying.


Jennifer wanted to get married.  She went for the flowers.  8 months later.  Engaged.  Just like that.


OK, on to our session.  We started off at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth.

modern-museum-engagement-photos-01 modern-museum-engagement-photos-02 modern-museum-engagement-photos-03


I LOVE Jennifer & Ryan’s story.  These two grew up in the same church but didn’t really start hanging out ’til they were in the youth group together.  Jennifer really had little to no interest in him because he was “so much younger.” (1 year.)  Anyway, homecoming came around and she asked if he had a date.  He did not, so they agreed to go as friends.  A year later they were at a Halloween party together and Jennifer realized just how fabulous Ryan was.  (Plus he had a pool so that didn’t hurt.)  Fast forward 9 years and now they are friends with benefits.


modern-museum-engagement-photos-04 modern-museum-engagement-photos-05 modern-museum-engagement-photos-06


One of my goals as a photographer is to capture authentic images of my couples.  Just because you are engaged does not require you to go to a field at sunset for your session.  I love getting couples in their environment doing what they love.  I feel that adds so much depth and an extra layer to the images.  And, as time goes by, when they look back on them, they will remember those places and seasons of life even more.  Man, is that ever true of this session.  Jennifer is an architecture major.  She also loves her some Tadao Ando.  (He is the architect who designed the museum.)  She went on and on about him and the process.  (At times it felt like she had memorized the wikipedia entry.)




fter we finished up at The Modern we walked over to the Kimbell Art Museum across the street.  More fun, more art.  More photos.



The only instructions Jennifer’s mom gave was to not have any awkward smiles.  You mean like these? :)
modern-museum-engagement-photos-09 modern-museum-engagement-photos-10 modern-museum-engagement-photos-11


Jennifer’s favorite part of the buildings was the super smooth concrete and perfectly aligned circle hole thingy boppers. (architect terminology)  I figured we should end the session with those.


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