Melissa & Ross | Aggies
Melissa & Ross | Aggies

I think I took more images at this wedding than any other I have shot before.  Melissa & her mom put so much planning and thought into her day it was impossible took look somewhere and NOT find something to photograph.  There were also a TON of fantastic vendors involved in their day so look for them throughout this post.  Starting with Keely Thorne who coordinated the day.  If you are looking for a wedding planner you have to give her a call.  She did an amazing job.  Go check her out.

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Kecia & Zach from The Upper Hand Salons were there making everyone’s hair behave.
aggie-wedding-photos-_0008 aggie-wedding-photos-_0009 aggie-wedding-photos-_0010 aggie-wedding-photos-_0011 aggie-wedding-photos-_0012 aggie-wedding-photos-_0013
Whoop Whoop!
aggie-wedding-photos-_0014 aggie-wedding-photos-_0015
Melissa did not even make it to Ross for their First Look before she started tearing up.
aggie-wedding-photos-_0016 aggie-wedding-photos-_0017 aggie-wedding-photos-_0018 aggie-wedding-photos-_0019
Not a fan of the formals.
aggie-wedding-photos-_0020 aggie-wedding-photos-_0021 aggie-wedding-photos-_0022 aggie-wedding-photos-_0023 aggie-wedding-photos-_0024 aggie-wedding-photos-_0025
Claton from Southwest Sound did one of the best DJ jobs I have ever seen.  If you are getting married in the Houston area you have to hire him.
The wedding reception took place at Melissa’s parent’s house in the country.  It really was the perfect setting.

Somewhere in the madness that was the dance floor you might be able to pick out Vanessa McKellar.  She was there filming the wedding and even did a big of Super8 magic.aggie-wedding-photos-_0028
Even though Grand Finale Catering filled everyone’s tummy at 6:00, by 10:30 we were ready for a snack.  Whataburger Taquitos to the rescue!

aggie-wedding-photos-_0029 aggie-wedding-photos-_0030
So… technically I did not take this last photo at their wedding, but I feel like Melissa & Ross won’t mind sharing their blog post with the 2011 NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions.


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