McKellar Maternity
McKellar Maternity

I don’t shoot maternity sessions.  I think I have shot 5 in my whole life and 4 of those were for my wife.  But when my friends Vanessa & Brent McKellar became pregnant I knew I would be shooting a session.  We decided to go the cheesy route and I totally LOVE what we got.  I’ll explain a few along the way but for the most part these images should stand on their own.

Sometimes couples ask me “Why don’t we get every single image you shot at our session?”
Answer:  Because sometimes you both are talking and you look like this.

Selective Color For The Win!

Photoshop effects are fun!

Nothing says professional maternity photography quite like dressing a man up in a matching shirt and making him hold his wife uncomfortably.

Their hands make a heart.  Because they love the baby so much.

It’s like a Where’s Waldo game.

More awkward kissing and hugging.

For realz though these two are some of my favorite people ever.  They are having a baby next week and I can’t wait to see them be parents.  Go team McKellar!

So, to all you past brides out there who want a maternity shoot feel free to give me call.  Just be ready for the results. :)

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