March Madness can HELP your relationship!
March Madness can HELP your relationship!

Well ladies, it’s that time of year again.  And, just like last year, I’m here to help you out through what could be a rough couple of weeks in your relationship.  It’s March Madness.  The next few weeks will be filled with tons of college basketball, lots of ESPN, and very little alone time. :)  So, rather than fight it, why not embrace it.  That’s right, fill out your own bracket.  It’s OK if you “don’t know” anything about basketball.  Just pick your favorite teams, schools, states, or colors.  Whatever you want to do.  The best part is your fiance will totally love you more for trying.  (Just don’t beat him or he might like you less.)

Here is where you can go to download your own bracket.

I have listed a few ideas/rules for you to try out.

1.  Only pick one round at a time.  That way you get a fresh start and are always still “in” the game.

2.  Set up the prizes ahead of time.
You can do a general 1st and 2nd place prize or be more specific and say if you win you get this and if he wins he get that.

3.  If you see him turning into a competitive “guy” then just let him win and know in the back of your mind that you are better than him.  :)

Also, just to give you a head start, I have uploaded Luke’s Midwest picks for you.

Hurry up.  The first games start Thursday!

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