Kylee & Colton Sitting In a Tree
Kylee & Colton Sitting In a Tree

I have known Colton for a few years and have spent time with his family. I love Colton.  He reminds me of myself in so many ways.  He is confident, cocky, charming, funny, good looking, and is always pretending he has everything under control.  Like me, I knew he would be able to marry way, way up.   15 seconds into meeting Kylee, I knew this was 100% true.

OK. So technically, they are not sitting in a tree, but they ARE  k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

When I first talked to Colton about how they met, he mentioned that they were introduced via a mutual friend.
“I saw a great opportunity, so I took advantage of it.”  GOLD.  Solid gold.

“The whole time I was a thinking… this is a super good idea.  She’s like 50 times out of my league.”  He eventually started to tell me about how he loved being able to have spiritual conversations with her, and how that is what is at the core of their friendship.  Kylee had listened to a podcast that encouraged her not to throw out “I love you” early in a relationship.   That led them to make the agreement to hold off on that. (Which led the them saying “Man. I’m just so crazy about you” quite a bit.)  She wanted to make sure he felt the same way and was waiting on him to say it first, even though she knew that “he was the one”.  About 6 months in, the first “I love you” was spoken. And if you are around them today, it’s pretty evident they are in love, without either of them needing to mention it.

In all seriousness, these two are perfect for each other.  Kylee does a great job of keeping him in check, and he is constantly pushing her just a bit outside of her comfort zone.  Like the time he encouraged her that it would be ok to sneak into a closed amusement park for a few quick photos.  (Wait, what?)

Were we eventually kicked out/asked to leave? Yes.  Was it worth it?  No doubt.

Last thing I’ll tell you about Colton–he thinks he’s a baller.  He’s basically like Steph Curry.  If Steph went and played in a 8 year old league.  Colton always seems to look for the toughest competition around.  (True story.  He missed that jumper.)

You know who didn’t miss? BOOMSHAKALAKA!

And if I may speak to you, Colton, personally for just a moment.  As a young groom, the first few times my bride dunked on me in any situation in life, it offended and frustrated me.  I soon realized this would be a common occurrence, and I have learned to take joy in it.

It’s going to happen a lot.
Get used to it.
Embrace it.

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