Lisa, Rory, & Bucket
Lisa, Rory, & Bucket

I became a HUGE fan of Lisa & Rory about 3 minutes into their session.  They are the exact type of people I love to photograph.  He is fully present and completely in love with Lisa and she basically tuns into a middle school girl with a HUGE crush when she looks his way.  The story of how they met is so great and I can’t do it justice but I’ll do my best.

They both work together at a hospital and one day Rory spotted her pony tail walking around the ER.  A few days later her pony tail caught his eye again.  He finally decided to try and talk to her and the day he was set to approach Lisa she was no where to be found.  1 week went by, then 2, then 3.  Rory thought he had lost his chance when after 4 weeks she came back to work and he ran into her.  He stopped in his tracks and jumped all over the opportunity to talk to her.  Even though he was a bit creepy about it Lisa managed to stay interested in him and over the next few month they started courting.

Courting is kinda a funny word that we don’t really use any more.  It’s a throwback work to a time when a man would spend time with a young woman’s family and this would allow everyone to give an opinion about the relationship.  Courting is exactly what these two did.  Lisa went on and on about how much it meant to her that Rory would do this and how much it helped grow their relationship.

I love their story and I love the two of them.

Fast forward about a year or so and these two people are getting married.   I’m honored that they want me there when they start their marriage.

I have the best job ever.

Enjoy the images.

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