Linen Album Goodness
Linen Album Goodness

I just got a new sample album in and wanted to show you a few images of it.  This is what my Linen album look like.  They are the same 12×12 size as my Leather albums only the pages are a bit thinner.  The print quality is the same and they are perfect for parent albums.

Here are a few images.

Again, just like the Leather albums, they have a seamless lay flat binding system.

To give you an idea on the thickness of the pages, here they are with a dime placed between them.

Here is the Linen album stacked on top of a Leather album.  (These two albums have the same page count, but the Leather ones pages are a bit thicker.)

And, just to prove that both albums are friendly.  Here they are giving each other a hug.

Most of my brides end up with a package with an album in it, but those of you who do not have one it’s never too late to add one. :)

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