Lauren & Brent | Anniversary Shoot
Lauren & Brent | Anniversary Shoot

I shot Lauren & Brent’s wedding a little over 3 years ago.  They are one of my favorite past couples but it’s not because of their great style or awesome taste. (Although this things don’t hurt.)  The reason I love them so much is because they were and are still totally into each other.  Every time I’m around them I leave ready to go home and love my wife better.  They are killing it at being married.

Back in August Lauren E-mailed to say they wanted an themed anniversary session every 3 years and that this one would be a “vintage style shoot with a 50’s-60’s style dress and hair, bowtie and suspenders for brent, old fashioned bicycle, etc etc..”

This was my response: “you + brent + galveston + vintage = i’m in.”

6 months later here are the results.

If you think this shoot is great wait till you see what we come up with in 2015. ;)

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