Candace & Covy | Year 1
Candace & Covy | Year 1


Candace & Covy were married a little over a year ago.  I asked her to drop some dimes of knowledge on us about what that first year has been like for them.  (And, as a bonus, her wedding day gets one more blaze of glory on the blog.)

Q: What do you miss most about the single life?
A: I don’t!

Q: Give us your best cheapo/fun married date idea.
A: Anything outdoors – fishing, working out, beach, picnic, gardening, playing with Rex, etc. There’s something about just the solitude in nature and making your own fun without cell phones, laptops, television interruptions. “Just you and me, enjoying us”

Q: What have you like most about being married?
A: Being a team, having someone else’s support and love to come home to everyday

Q: Whats the hardest part about being married?
A: We both work full time so finding the middle ground on the dreaded chores!  (I’m more of a deep clean while Covy is a surface clean.)

Q: What was the biggest thing you were nervous about? How has it turned out?
A: Buying our first home, one that we can start a family in, and that it would feel like “home” to us. It was meant for us, we are such homebodies now!

Q: Do you have any advice for couples about to take the plunge?
A: Enjoy every single second, and let loose! Those memories you will look back on and will smile ear-to-ear. And write notes to each other the day of, exchange, save and open on a special anniversary – it will be so special to look back on how you were feeling, and what you projected.

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