Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos
Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos

Katelyn is from Chicago, Chris is a Dallas boy.  They love sports and each other.

Where should we go for their engagement session?  Some place fun and romantic?  Maybe a picnic basket and a red & white blanket?  Nope.

How about someplace loud and rowdy where a fight might break out and they can get mad at each other?  Yes! Perfect!  A Stars & Blackhawks game!

dallas-stars-engagement-photos-01 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-02 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-03 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-04 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-05 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-06

My favorite thing about these two is how Chris keeps Katelyn laughing.  It was hard to NOT get a photo of her just cracking up when they were together.
dallas-stars-engagement-photos-07 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-08

Sometime around the 2nd period the photo session came to an end.  You see, Katelyn’s Blackhawks were beating Chris’ Stars 3-0.  Chris got a little grumpy.

That’s ok though.  (I work for the bride.)

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