Jo’s Super Mario Birthday
Jo’s Super Mario Birthday

Well, this year Jo decided he wanted a Super Mario birthday party. rather than just get the generic Mario themed birthday stuff, we decided to go a slightly different direction. Retro Mario. That’s right, turn back the clock and welcome to 1987.

A quick note, some of your girls may not get just how awesome all this stuff is, don’t worry, I have included links to help you understand.  Also, this is a great time to forward this site on to your finance so he can see what a cool/hip photographer I am. :)

First off, the invitation. :) Sara still is confused as to how Jo got “in the mario”.  

We had red and green turtles filled with coins for the kids to jump on.  

Chain Comp Pinata  

Jo working it like A-Rod.  

Luke spent the ENTIRE party in his favorite safest place.  

If you have not been to a kids party in a while you may have forgotten, but when that pinata busts it’s like gold falling from the sky.  

This little guy from Jo’s soccer team did not realize the blue bag was for putting candy in. He just kept tucking as much as he could into his arm.  

The children marveling at the cake.  

Me, mourning the loss of the cake.  

Pink Lemonade? How dare you suggest such a simple drink. That was Princess Peach Pink Punch.  

Danielle told me that since I made her take this picture the night we finished the cake that I had to post it.
Yes ladies, the person you hired to document the most important day of your life is a complete loser. I’m sorry.  

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