JMH Pro | Wedding Vendor Interview
JMH Pro | Wedding Vendor Interview

I love me some wedding video.  I also love me some nice wedding videographers.  Jeff Heimer of JMH Pro fit both of those categories.  He is a talented videographer based out of Tyler.  He does great work and is really nice to work with.  We worked a wedding a little while back at Elmwood Gardens and I have hung out with him a few times since then.  This guy is the real deal and the type of person you want involved on your wedding day.

Here are a few shots from the wedding as well as him in action. :)

On to the interview!

How did you get started, how long have you been doing this?
I have been involved in wedding video since 1992.  Ever since high school days.

What is your favorite part about your job?
I like making the newlyweds feel like movie stars.  I love capturing those special moments during the wedding and knowing right then, “This is gonna look amazing on video!”

What are some things brides should look for when looking for a videographer?
Brides should look for creativity and quality. Look through a videographer’s previous work for style and attention to detail.

Why should brides book a videographer?  Aren’t you just going to get the same shots the photographer gets?
Some of the coolest videos I still have are of my grandparents during Christmas.  I can see them move AND hear them talk.  True.  A good videographer works closely with the photographer, but to have the “moving memories” as well?  That’s truly priceless.

What is something unique to your service that you are extra proud of?
I’m so proud to use new and fresh ideas for wedding video.  It makes “working” way more fun.

Jeff Heimer


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