Jessica & Justice | Engagement Photography Longview, TX
Jessica & Justice | Engagement Photography Longview, TX

I have known Jessica since she was like in the 7th grade.  In fact she was one of the first people I photographed.  Here she around her freshman year in high school.

Short hair? Check.
Braces? Check.
Bad photography? Double Check.


(Jess you totally knew I was posting an old photo right?  At least I picked a “good” one.)

Anyway, I was super excited when she emailed me and said she was engaged and that I was gonna shoot her wedding!  Before we got to just Jess & Justice We did a few with his daughter as well.  She is MUCH cuter and hipper than Jess was. :)


Now a few of the two of them.

The three of you were terrific and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you more.  Thanks for being so awesome.

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