Jennifer | Bridal Photography Ashton Gardens
Jennifer | Bridal Photography Ashton Gardens

I can’t wait for Jennifer & Steven’s wedding at Ashton Gardens in Dallas.  These two were so much fun on their engagement session and I knew her bridal session would be a blast as well.  Here are just a few of the images we got.

Of course she was rockin’ some of Steven’s favorite kicks. (+5 cool points for her.)
She found this boquete on Etsy from a designer in Australia. (+10 cool points.)
She also managed to work her mom’s fur coat into the shoot. (+20 cool points for making mom feel loved.)

She topped off the session with a parasol she picked up in Italy. (+15 cool points.)

She ended the session with tons of great images and a grand total of 50 cool points.  Not bad at all.

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