Jeni & Patrick
Jeni & Patrick

So here are my 3 general rules about shooting maternity sessions.

1. They are free

2. I don’t do any shots where you are basically naked.

3. I only shoot them if I get you pregnant.

A few days ago I broke rule 3 and did a session for my super great friends Patrick and Jeni. I have known them for close to 20 years and so when Patrick asked me about doing a session I could not refuse. We had suce a great time and Jeni was totally up for anything.

Patrick and Jeni take a swing class twice a week and have kept going to the class this whole pregnancy.  


We did some at a bowling ally because Patrick was one strike short of bowling a perfect game on their first date.  



I can’t wait to see these guys be parents because I know they will do an amazing job! Congrats guys.

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