I Love You Day
I Love You Day

Around our house we don’t really do Valentine’s Day the “official” way. We call ours “I Love You Day” and we each draw a name and buy that person a small little gift. It’s a fun little treat, but not the card/chocolate/musical fiasco that Hallmark would want it to be. What’s funny is that even before we had kids Danielle and I never celebrated it much. For us it’s just never been a big deal.

It’s not that we love each other so much that every day is Valentine’s day, but it’s more just the realization that marriage is a beautiful, hard, fun, long, and incredible journey. It has it’s ups and it’s down, it’s great days and it’s not so great days, but it’s nothing that a once a year holiday is going to make or break. We find “I Love You” in the day to day routine. Folding laundry for each other, letting someone sleep in, doing the dishes, all of these are little acts that make up our life together.

So about that vase… Early on in our marriage sometimes I would leave the little plastic that you peal off a milk jug on the counter. I didn’t do this because I was a bad husband. I did it because I was thirsty and wanted to get right to the glass of milk. Soon I found out it drove Danielle crazy!

Instantly I loved it more and started doing it on purpose. :)

I told her that it’s my way of saying “I Love You.” I soon started looking for creative places to hid them. In the sock drawer, the cereal, the jello in the fridge, anything that would catch her off guard. Anyway, we started collecting them and now they sit in our kitchen. I’m sure it’s strange to some people, but for me it’s a little reminder that it’s the little things that add up.

So here is my Official Valentine’s Day though:
Find a way to say I love you that only the two of you get, something in the everyday parts of life, and then say it over and over till death do you part.

To Danielle:  These crazy blog brides will come and go but you will always be MY bride.
 I could not imagine a better life.  Thank you for sharing yours with me.  143.


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