I Am A Strong And Powerful Man (Family Photos)
I Am A Strong And Powerful Man (Family Photos)

So a few days ago my little tribe had our photos taken by my friend and superb children’s photographer Tammy Williams of Clarity Photography.  She is the one I always point people towards when they ask for photos of little people.  She did an amazing job and if the 10 or so images she blogged were all we got we would be happy with the results.  Knowing that there are more images still waiting to be seen is like having Christmas morning and also having your birthday only 2 months away.  :)

I will only show you one image below.  You’ll have to visit her site to see the rest. :)

Take a look at the rest of them here.  Also when you are over there, do me a favor and leave a nice comment.  Let’s see if I can set the record for most comments on a post. :)

[One side note… I’m pretty sure I’m the worst client in the world.  From the moment the session ended I was totally stalking her blog checking, checking, and re-checking to see when they would be there.  To all my brides and grooms out there.  I know how you feel.]

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