How To Plan An Awesome Wedding
How To Plan An Awesome Wedding

It’s ok to admit it.  You want your wedding to be awesome.  You want the Best. Wedding. Ever.  That’s why you plan.  That’s why you read.  That’s why you stress out a bit.  Because you want everything to be just perfect.  You want to plan it, and prep it, and maybe even package it up a bit too much. :)

May I share a little secret with you?

The things that will make your wedding awesome, the things you will remember and look back on and laugh about, are typically not the things you plan.  They are not the things you pin on Pinterest.  They are the natural organic moments that happen when all of your friends and family come together to watch you begin your marriage.

I was reminded of that this past weekend when Thy & Jonathan were married.  I’ll be sharing “fancy” wedding images later but they had so many amazing unplanned moments that I wanted to share those first.

1. That moment when your grandkids spit up during family formals.


2. That moment when the ring bearer stops and talks to everyone along the way down the aisle and finally just has to be pulled because he won’t go down the aisle and the bride is on her way down. :)


3. That moment when Matt Dallas, star of Kyle XY shows up and dances with you at your reception.


4. That moment when your cousins go around with shots and make people stuff cash in your honeymoon fund jar to take one.
Screaming in your face until you do. (Try finding a Pinterest board for that.)

Your wedding probably is not gonna have all these moments.  But it will have it’s own crazy antics.  The more you try and plan out every detail the more likely you are to end up frustrated somewhere along the way.

If you really want to plan for something here are my suggestions:
Plan and prepare for your marriage.
Plan to love your spouse and to stay committed till death do you part.
Plan to spend that day laughing with and loving those around you.
And plan to look back on the amazing photo AlexM took for you. (Click here to book) ;)


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