Beard, Balloons, Bovine, & Boards
Beard, Balloons, Bovine, & Boards

Kayla & David met all the way back in high school.  She was trying to buy glitter paint but was under age.  She spotted David in the store and tried to get him to buy her contrabands but alas he too was also not old enough.  The paint stayed in the store but the sparkle of their love lives on to this day. ;)  Seriously though… How great is that little story.

David is attending Texas ATM and Kayla is finishing up nursing school.  At first we were going to do their session around campus but then Kayla spotted a balloon festival in Anna, TX.  They made the 4 hour drive and were up and ready to smile at the literal crack of dawn to catch the balloons.

dallas-photographers-ballons-01 dallas-photographers-ballons-02

True story:  When David went to ask Kayla’s father for her hand he bought a toy set of farm animals and took them over and they arranged a trade.  Her dad received a few heads of cattle, some chickens, and a pig and David received a bride.


One of their favorite things to do as a couple is paddleboard.  It looked fun.  I was too chicken to get on one.


You may have noticed David has facial hair.  It’s amazing.  I may have run my fingers through it in a not creepy way.

dallas-photographers-ballons-05 dallas-photographers-ballons-06

Thank you Kayla & David for being almost perfect.  Thank you David’s beard for being perfect.

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