Google Your Guest List
Google Your Guest List

Typically when I meet with brides or chat with them at the engagement session, I like to ask how the planning is going and what “phase” they are in.  More often than not, when the topic of “The Guest List” comes up, a discouraged look comes over their face.  This seems to be the most dreaded part of the planning process.  Well today I have great news for you.  I am adding guest lists to all my packages.  That’s right, I will contact all your friends and family and get their pertinent information and pass it on to you. :) It will not cost anything to my current brides and….

OK, so maybe I’m lying about that.  But, I do think I may have a solution for you.  Most of you are users of the internets. (Assuming you read this on a computer and do not have someone print it out and hand it to you every day.)  In fact, most of your guests are computer savvy as well.  Pretty much everyone is on Facebook and can do a bit of E-mail, so this is something that should work for the majority of your guests.  It’s a short little video on how you can use some free Google sites to organize and put your whole list together.  It’s 2010 people.  Work smarter not harder. :)

Sign up for a Gmail account here and get going.

Get started with Google Docs here.

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