Gear For Sale! Everything Must Go! Sale! Sale! Sale!
Gear For Sale! Everything Must Go! Sale! Sale! Sale!

So I’ve accumulated a bit of extra gear of the years. Some of this I’m selling because I don’t use it, some because I have upgraded. Some because I want to collect a pile of cash to buy other stuff. :) It’s all in great working condition and I have had zero trouble with any of the gear.

Also, I know some of my past couples are super into photography.  If I have ever photographed you then you can knock 10% off the price of any of these items.  If it’s listed it’s available.  Once it sells, I’ll remove it from this post.  If you are interested in purchasing any of this hit me up here: alexmphotography at g mail dot com.

5D Mark 2 (w/grip) $1,700 SOLD

Canon 24mm 1.4L $900 SOLD

Canon Speedlite 580EX $300 SOLD

Canon Speedlite 580EX II $400 (Quantity 1 $400 each) 1 HAS SOLD

I will sell these separately, but I must warn you, they have been together since day one and will probably sulk if you separate them from each other. :) (They are taking the separation pretty well all things considered.)

CyberSync Set: 1 Transmitter 3 Receivers $225 SOLD

AlienBee 1600: $300 SOLD

iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi: $300 SOLD

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