Family Vacation: Water
Family Vacation: Water

Last week we took a little family vacation.  The idea for this vacation came about 8 or 9 months ago when I first saw this video by Jon Rawlinson.  It’s footage from the worlds 2nd largest aquarium located in Japan and it’s fantastic.  My kids loved watching it and I jumped right to Google to see what we had here in the states.  Well , as it turns out Atlanta is home to the worlds LARGEST aquarium.  The have whale sharks!!

Vacation Destination Achieved!

Somewhere on the road to Atlanta Danielle mentioned that DisneyWorld was only 7 hours away, but she figured I was to “old” to add that in as a spur of the moment vacation stop. :)  Well, I showed her. :)  So, after about 2,500 miles of driving we are back and I present you with photos.

Sara really enjoyed the front facing camera on the iPhone4.  At one point she filmed a 15 minute monologue.  It’s riveting.

From the moment we had out trip planned I knew I wanted this photo at the aquarium.
I can’t explain how giddy I was when I actually saw it on my big computer screen.  We are ordering the biggest print we can and hanging it in our house.

This was Elis’ 1st trip to the beach.  He felt “safest” on the sand.  You’ll see why later.

Sara the mud model.

Here is Eli’s first trek out into the ocean.  :)

Check back tomorrow for Disney photos.

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