Family Vacation: Disney World
Family Vacation: Disney World

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun we had at Disney World.  I’m consumed with getting us back there.  I tried to pan a return trip for this September, but Danielle vetoed it.  One side note.  I didn’t take my “real” camera to the park with us.  Everything you see was shot from our iPhone 4s.  I didn’t want to be one of “those dads” constantly stopping to shoot photos and missing the whole experience.  It blew me away with how great it is as a camera.  We took tons of photos and HD video and loved loved loved not having to cary anything around.  On to the images.

Here we are 1 minute into the park.  (Keep this in your memory as a reference photo.)

Some boudoir photography of Minnie’s bloomers

Sara was so excited to ride the Dumbo ride…
…because she knew Danielle rode it when she was about her age.
Here’s a great shot of the kids with the mice while Eli plummets towards the earth below.

We love us some Buzz Lightyear in this house.

Luke made us ride the Buzz ride about 10 times while we were there.

This was the 1st time Jo & Sara ever rode a roller coaster of any kind.  I didn’t tell them what to expect and you’ll see at about the 23 second mark that Sara is holding on for dear life. :)
Once the ride ended they were both hooked.  They then went on to ride everything they could at the park.

Sara was right at the hight requirement for Space Mountain and she loved every minute of it.  Jo was a bit more “cautious”.

Remember that happy photo?  Here we are at the end of the day. :)

Sara fell asleep during the night parade.  Jo kept shaking her trying to wake her up to see the princesses, but she would have no part of it.
I didn’t take this photo, but Disney, E-mailed it to me so I figured you would like looking at it. :)

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