Engagement Photography Teague TX | Mindy & Dustin
Engagement Photography Teague TX | Mindy & Dustin

Mindy and Justin are chiropractors and have a practice together. My favorite thing that I found out during the session was that Justin really does not visit my blog but has pretty much seen all of my recent work because he is constantly walking into Mindy’s office while she is looking at my site while she should be working. :)

So rather than make them wait and wait and have the patients pile up I decided I better get this session blogged asap.  

(A side not about the car in this photo. I am wanting to get an old car to park in the back for the kids to play on, but am still debating the pros and cons of our house looking like an old junk yard and my kids getting to have fun for the next 5 years. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.)  

These two were both pretty nervous heading into the session but they soon settled into their groove and really did great. This next shot was one of the first spots where I could tell they started forgetting that I was there photographing them.
(That is part of the reason I really enjoy engagement sessions. It’s almost like practice for the wedding day itself. You guys get used to being photographed and I get used to how cool you are as a couple.)  



We ran into a bit of rain but it worked out great because we got to go into their clinic and do a few “painting with light” shots. I did some of of these a few years ago and may start doing more.  

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