The Coolest Couple I’ve Shot | Kenzie & Michael
The Coolest Couple I’ve Shot | Kenzie & Michael

As we were finishing their engagement session, Kenzie said
“I’m sorry we are not as cool as your other couples.”

I laughed and told her they were fine and that I had a great time with them.  As I was driving off, I thought of a few more things I should have said.  If you don’t mind, I’m about to say them…

I think “cool” is when a guy opens the door for his fiance’ every time we jump in the car to change locations.

I think “cool” is when a bride lets her fiance’ wear a hat in the pictures because that’s how he is most comfortable.

I think “cool” is when a groom talks about his bride-to-be’s father with respect and honor.

I think “cool” is when a bride asks me about my family because she is genuinely interested, not just being polite.

I think “cool” is when after 15 minutes with a couple, I know that in 2060 they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

I can’t tell you how much I loved spending the afternoon with you guys.  I wish all my couples were as “cool” as  you.

Enjoy your pics. :)

This lady is in charge of one of the stores in Rusk where they registered.  She was too awesome to not include in the photo. :)

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