Legos, Legs, & Luigi
Legos, Legs, & Luigi

[Warning: if you are not a fan of bright, colorful images, you may want to skip this post.]

I had so much stinking fun with Christina & Josh.  I don’t even know where to begin.  How about no talking from me and we get right to the images…

When they mentioned that they both loved Legos, I knew right away I wanted to head to a mall with a Lego store.

Some people update their Facebook relationship status, but Christina & Josh knew this was the real deal when they merged their Lego VIP Points.
True story.

I’m not sure what the store behind them is going to sell.  My guess is children’s shorts for 20 foot tall women.

Fun with mannequins.

The on camera chemistry these two had made my lenses happy.

I love this one.

Another favorite.

This may be my favorite from the day.

These two also love Nintendo stuff, so they brought a few little props for the end.

In case you have not figured it out yet there were so many great images I could not just blog 10 or so of them.  I decided to show you them all… That’s right… Congrats Christina & Josh you guys are a Same Day Edit! Here are all your images less than 24 hours after your session!!

I had a great time getting to know you guys and can’t wait for your wedding.  Cheers.

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