It’s Like Rain….
It’s Like Rain….


Every time I’m fortunate enough to shoot out at Elmwood Gardens, I love it even more. :)

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-01 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-02

Calley had all types of shiny pretty things.  Petal’s Florist did a great job and I LOVE that she wore her grandmother’s jewelry.


Calley told me she has been “playing with this jewelry” since she was a little girl.  How awesome is that?  And, how crazy are these screw on earrings.  :)

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-04 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-05

Calley & William had an amazing First Look.  William kept spinning her around and looking at all the details of her dress.

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-06 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-07 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-08 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-09

If you remember their engagement session you know that these two love them some triathlons.  Their ring bearer must be in training because this little man sprinted down the aisle.  Big, long strides.  About a 5 minute mile pace.

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-10 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-11

As they were finishing up their ceremony it started to drizzle a bit.

Calley actually stopped her vows, turned to the crowd and said, “You all can head inside, we are going to finish up.”  They then shouted back at her, “Keep going!” “We’re fine!” “We are staying!”

That is what every marriage needs.  When the hard times come,

You need a group of friends that will cheer you on.
You need couples who will sit in the rain with you.
You need friends who will say “We are with you through all of it, good and bad.”

When planning your wedding and marriage make sure you have those.  They are super important.
You can’t find them on Pinterest or Style Me Pretty.
The Knot does not have a checkbox that looks like this: [  ] Friends as committed to our marriage as we are.

Those are the types of things that will make your marriage stand up to all types of weather.

So, Calley & Will continued, while family and friends were rained on a bit, they committed to each other regardless of what life brought their way.  They said I do. They kissed. And we were all witnesses.  (With a few raindrops to prove it.)

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-12 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-13 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-14 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-15 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-16

Just when I thought I could not love them any more, Will stepped up to the mic and sang “Forever and Ever Amen”.  Will’s vocal talents are…. how can I put this… uh… less stellar than his triathlon skills.  :)  It was totally out of a movie.  So so great.  Calley could not stop laughing and everyone else enjoyed it quite a bit as well.

elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-17 elmwood-gardens-wedding-photos-18

Thank you two for trusting me with your day.  Thank you for not letting a bit of rain dampen your spirits.  (Get it. Ha Ha)

I hope you two have many many years and miles of marriage together.

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