Deveri & Stephen | Fancy People From New York
Deveri & Stephen | Fancy People From New York

Deveri & Stephen make me mad because they live in New York.  I wish they lived closer so we could hang out more. A few weeks before their wedding I sent them a little something and got back this super nice thank you note.  The whole note was super nice, but the quote from Stephen on the back made me smile.

How great is that.  It made me want to try extra extra hard to make them fancy photos at their wedding.  I think it worked. :)  They were married and Elmwood Gardens and it was cool.  Check it out.

Good looking food.

OK, enough details, let’s jump to their First Look and a few of the portraits that they rocked.

By the way, i’m sure you have noticed how all the flowers look amazing.  I WONDER WHO COULD HAVE DONE THEM?

On to the reception.  Big shout out to Music on Wheels and Tyler Uplights for making everything look and sound good.

Here are some photos of a guy digging for something, guys reaching for it, and girls trying to catch flowers.  Also, that guy who caught the something was pretty excited. :)

 Thanks for trusting me with your day.  You guys rock.

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