East Texas Wedding Venue: Castle On The Lake
East Texas Wedding Venue: Castle On The Lake

Castle on the Lake is one of my favorite venues in the area and it’s located just outside of Jacksonville, Tx.  I love when brides choose to get married at wedding venues because they are well… wedding venues.  They are built and put together to help your day go smoothly and their on site staff help take care of so many things you did not plan for or expect.  Here are a few shots of it as well as a new promo video Vanessa McKellar just put together for them.

One of the coolest things about Castle is their HUGE bridal suite.  This thing just blows away every other location.  If you have ever been a bridesmaid you know just how crowded these “prep” rooms can get.  Not the case with castle.  I shot a wedding with 10 bridesmaids getting ready in this room and there was still plenty of room for moms, aunts, and grandparents to come in and visit.  It’s awesome.

They have a couple of options for your ceremony.  One is a big a big tree.

The second is a cool rock wall they just built.

Finally, here is a video that Vanessa McKellar just shot.  Brittan is the bride you’ll see.  (La Tee Da Flowers did the flowers.)She’s also the owner and runs this place day in and day out.  She is super nice and will totally become your BFF as she helps you put together your wedding day.  Give her a call and get this placed booked! 903.721.3593.

Castle on the Lake

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