Disney World (Yep, we went again.)
Disney World (Yep, we went again.)

It’s official. I drank the Mickey Kool-Aid. About 2 months ago we were on a little family vacation and Danielle “dared” me to take a pit stop at Disney World. I took her up on the challenge and we went for 1.5 days. I was hooked. When we got home I jumped right to my calendar to find out when we could go back and stay for at least a week. Turns out I had an opening the first week of September. :) I surprised her and the kids and booked a trip. We were there 9 days and it was flipping amazing. If any of you are thinking of going you absolutely have to. I’m a crazy Disney World person now and will gladly answer any questions you have about planning your trip. :) The first time we went I only shot photos and video with my iPhone, this last time I gave it the full on AlexM Photography documentary treatment. I came home with 250gigs worth of photos and video. (A typical wedding is 8gigs.) I shot a lot. :)

A few quick photos.

Double Strollers. The only way to move 4 kids around the parks.

Looking for the big castle.

We got tired of “traditional” poses after a day or so.

Anyway, here is a little video of our trip. If you don’t’ like Disney or my family, you won’t enjoy the video. If you like either, sit back for 5 minutes of fun.

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