Suzanne & Ryan | Winner! Winner!
Suzanne & Ryan | Winner! Winner!

Suzanne & Ryan are doing a destination wedding in Florida later this year.  They had already booked a photographer out there and spent most of their budget, but didn’t end up having enough left for an engagement session.  That’s when Ryan stepped up to the plate with his awesomeness.  He found me online, called me, booked me, and printed out some of my images and surprised Suzanne with a session.  50 bonus points for him!  Way to go Ryan.  He’s a keeper!


My favorite part about their story is that they met at work and had gone on one or two dates.  Then Ryan got a promotion and he became Suzanne’s direct report.  ;)

houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-02 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-03 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-04

He actually proposed out in Vegas.  We were not able to go to Vegas for this session, but he did track down this slot machine rental place that let us use their inventory.

houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-05 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-06 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-07

Thank you guys for a great afternoon.  Have fun in Key West.


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