Darcee & Thomas | Engagement Photographer Tyler, TX
Darcee & Thomas | Engagement Photographer Tyler, TX

If Thomas looks slightly familiar it’s because I photographed his twin brother earlier this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting multiple family members and getting to see the same people at weddings. I totally start to feel like family and it makes my job 1 million times easier when I actually know who people are heading into the wedding day. Thomas and Jonathan run a trucking company and like any business owners they are on the phone a bit. This was Darcee’s expression when his phone rang 30 seconds into our shoot. :)


These two are perfect in front of the camera.  Super casual and into each other. :)



I told them to name each other’s favorite food on the count of three.  Thomas said “Everything”.  :)


Thank you guys for a great morning.

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