Contest Winners, Instagram-ing Vacation, & A Sleepless Bride
Contest Winners, Instagram-ing Vacation, & A Sleepless Bride

What up party people?  Today’s post is a smorgasbord of goodies.  1st off, last week I had a little contest.  There were tons of great entries on what Danielle & I should do for our 9 year anniversary.  I think we’ll mix and match some of the ideas for dates later on, but the winning entry totally nailed it.  Both Danielle & I “picked it” without talking to each other.  Here is the entry we chose.

“Take a blast to the past! If your memory serves you well, and it should relive your first date. Where did you meet, what restaurant did you go to (is it still around?), what did you do afterwards?
Remap this special moment, and do your best to make it the same way it was when it first happened. Is this romantic? ABSOLUTELY, it also shows that you care, and most of all, you remembered your first date!!! Also have your favorite DJ make you a cd to play in the car on the way of your favorite songs during that time :)
Happy 9th Anniversary Alex & Danielle!!!!!!” – Andrea Brown

This date idea fits us perfectly and we are really looking forward to it.  Also, bonus points for Andrea working her husband Casy Brown’s kick butt DJ skills into the idea.  Apparently CMB Music not only does wedding, but also 9 year mix tapes. :)  Congrats Andrea.

Next up is our little Mini-Cation we took as a family this past weekend.  I had a wedding in Galveston as well as a day after session and an engagement session in Houston so I figured we should all load up and head that way.  Here 9 photos and 1 run on sentence describing our weekend.  Sometimes we jump on the hotel beds when mom is not around, astronaut ice cream is fun, feeding sea gulls is more fun, Eli can stay awake for desert but not space ships, Jo found a big stick and Sara conquered her fear of the ocean, but above all brochures in hotels lobbies are the coolest.

AND FINALLY…. I got this little question from a bride and thought I’d toss it out to all you blog-stalkers out there.

Dear Mr Wedding Expert,

Do u have any suggestions for sleeping through the night the week b4 ur wedding? Wedding nightmares & wide awake @ 3 am…

Sleepy but Sleepless


So what of it ladies?  What did you do to combat the Wedding Week Sleepless Night Syndrome? (WWSNS) Leave your solutions and remedies for WWSNS in the comments and help this girl out.  She needs her sleep.

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