Anna Caroline & Scott
Anna Caroline & Scott

I’ve been looking forward to Anna Caroline & Scott’s wedding since the day I did their engagement session.  These two have such a grasp on the things that you should value in a marriage and in relationships, that I could not wait to see their families that raised them.

Of course Lake Tyler Petroleum Club was looking on point. (As it always does.)

If you like pretty wedding things, this next section is for you.

Anna Caroline gettin’ all dolled up.

Sisters are the best.

I loved how Anna Caroline was always welcoming and bringing people into her moments.  Her friends were just as happy as she was that day because she is a person who shares in their joy on their days.  So perfect.

Pre-game snack.

This is how I found the guys.

World renowned and award-winning photographer, Matthew Hogan, attended this wedding as a guest.  He also arrived like UNCOMFORTABLY early, so I demanded the “we are the first guest to arrive at your wedding” photo.

My favorite is getting photos of mothers and their daughters on a wedding day.  I love taking a photo that I know will be in a frame for the next 25 years. (No pressure Kim.)

Sometimes you gotta let the ring bearer dictate what the photo is going to look like.

I mean seriously… come on.

Nope, not an alternate set of bridesmaids… These would be Scott’s sisters.  Because OF COURSE HE HAS FIVE SISTER!!!!!!

Human wall protecting bride from view of guests.


The madness right after a ceremony is always so much fun.

Yep, I saw it, and photographed it. #nephew

Like I said, sisters are the best.

Guess who was giving out posing suggestions again.

This would be a great time to say La Tee Da Flowers always brings their A-game.

I think a couple who just got married, eating a meal totally alone together, may just be my favorite thing in the whole wide world.


Her father almost fell tripping on her dress.  Anna Caroline’s face says it all.

Scott’s father looking on while he danced with his mother was pretty swell.

CMB DJs kept the party going all night long. If you are getting married and need music.  You need them.

Hey look, it’s that photographer on the left side of the photo. Totally aware of where he is in the frame.  He is a pro.

Of course the Mug Machine was there.  Here are some of my favorites.

Thank you two for letting me into your lives the past few months.  You were so kind and generous, and it was an honor to capture your day.

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Kally and Kishan Step Into Marriage
Kally and Kishan Step Into Marriage

You may not be ready for this post.  It’s like a billion photos long.  (Now is a great time to stop and get a snack before we get started.)

OK, I warned you.

First off, I walk in and see Von Criswell upgrading Kally’s face.  I adore Von and she always knocks it out of the park.  The day is off to a great start. (Every bride should book Von.)

Kally’s father was in perfect father-of-the-bride mode all day.  Sit around and wait to be asked to do something.

Kally was a STUNNING bride.

Wait, I think this was the photo I was meaning to post.  Ignore that last one.

Kally was a STUNNING bride.

Kally giving her parents handkerchiefs when they saw her for the first time was a well thought out plan.

It’s like Stone Oak Ranch and La Tee Da Flowers were made for each other.

This little man was a rock star all day.

Like I said, La Tee Da was on FIRE. (I guess Kally liked her bouquet.)

First Look time.  (I guess Kishan liked his bride.)

Little man going for the nose pick during portraits while his dad rushes in to deny.

Why yes, they do both belong in a magazine. I’m glad you noticed that.

Ceremony time.

From the moment I started their engagement session last September, I noticed that Kishan constantly looks at Kally with a sense of awe and respect; this really came through on their wedding day.

Kishan & Kally decided to have both a Hindu & American wedding ceremony.

Little man looking at me like, “They told me I just had to walk the rings down.  Why are you still photographing me, bro?”

They then preformed the Saptapadi (Sanskrit for seven steps/feet) where they made these commitments.

1. Let us provide for our household, stay in good health and carry out our duties and responsibilities to each other, our families and our tradition.
2. Let us develop our mental and spiritual powers.
3. Let us increase our wealth and comfort by righteous and proper means.
4. Let us acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love, respect and trust.
5. Let us be blessed with contended family of strong, virtuous and heroic children.
6. Let us be blessed with long lives.
7. Let us remain true companions, committed only to each other.

Of course they planted a tree with soil from their own homes.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the moment right after a couple becomes one.

I also think photographing a married couple with their grandparents is such a HUGE moment in every wedding.

This may be my favorite moment from the day.

I mean, if you HAVE to have a first dance, you might as well make it a good one.

This dance with her father was EVERYTHING.  Him crying, her crying, Kishan holding her mom while they both watched.

Back to the nose.

Speaking of nose.

Kally has a GIANT laugh that fills the room.  I’m glad I caught a few of them on camera.

This is my new best friend, North.  He and his wife own Northmark Films out of Dallas.  Even though he looks confused and caught off guard in this photo, he really is pretty great at his job.  Well, I say that, but I actually think he is sub-par at best.  His wife Olivia however is a BALLER and she does AMAZING work.  You should absolutely have them film your wedding. (Or at the very least have Olivia come out.)

The evening was pretty chill.

My favorite thing about Kally was how inclusive she was on her day.  Constantly noticing and making time for everyone around her:  grandparents, nieces, college friends, high school friends. Kally is so full of life, and she made sure that everyone who honored them by coming, felt a bit of that joy and thankfulness.

You can’t plan moments like these.  They just happen organically.  And they are wonderful.

That time at your wedding reception when you are really getting into the dancing.  Like really, really getting into it.  And you look over and realize your mom is watching.  And everyone kinda laughs at the awkward moment, and then your mom shouts out,

Every single wedding should end with you and all your friends singing “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Then you should have one last dance alone.

Then you should leave with sparklers and get dipped on your way out.

Back to this photo…

Every now and then while shooting, you KNOW you’ve got a golden photo.  This was one of those moments.
I loved everything about this moment.

I love that they are relaxed with a drink in hand.
I love that Kishan is being a gentleman and holding the 58lb bouquet.
I love that you can see the henna on Kally’s ankle as her dress is hiked up.
I love the laughter they are sharing.
I love the cowboy boots Kishan is sporting.

But most of all, I love that they are on a path together. Already taking steps together.

Just 30 minutes prior, they made a commitment, a vow. The last part of that vow was to “remain true companions, committed only to each other.”

This is how you stay true companions.
This is how you stay committed only to each other.

By doing the journey together.  Side by side.

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Hannah & Rob
Hannah & Rob

Hannah & Rob had the most chill wedding day at Nantucket in Longview, TX.  So much of the day was put together by these two and their insane group of friends.  It truly felt like a wedding day straight out of a movie.

I walked in to Hannah giggling as one of her bridesmaids did her makeup.  Hannah’s brother is in the United States Army and could not make it.  His wife was kept company all day with a life-sized cut out.  Because of course they had a life-size cut out.

“If you walk around to the back of a house and hide behind the bushes while a girl is getting ready for the day, eventually, she will see you, laugh, and you will capture a magical photograph.” – AlexM

Hannah used her grandmother’s old jewelry box to hold the rings.
(More like her grandmother’s vintage, magical mystery-case of wonder, beauty, and joy.)

Baller Mother of the Bride.

Hannah gave Rob a sweet note and a flask.

Hannah’s mom was just a delight.  She was so present throughout the day.  I loved capturing her reactions.

Of course I’ll take the timeless photo of you putting on your earrings.
Just be aware that the timeless moment of you putting on deodorant will also be documented.

First Look goodness.

I looked down for a minute as I was swapping lenses and then Rob is suddenly checking twitter or something.  “What a douchebag,” I think to myself…. Oh wait… never mind, he’s totally reading Hannah a super sweet note he wrote for her about their day. (That was a close one.)

Remember that flask… Hannah is one of those brides who thinks of everything.
Including: “I might want a drink mid-way through my wedding day.”

These two were way too comfortable on this swing.  I made her stop before she fell off.

Hannah spent most of her wedding day smiling and giggling.  Being kissed by her husband also helped.

Her bridesmaids put this together.  True story.

When you look down during the bridesmaids portraits and see this…. You know the reception is going to be legit.

Family portrait time!

Right before the ceremony I look up to see Hannah’s grandfather doing this.  Eventually someone brought an umbrella out, but boy do I love this moment.

Of course the official opened with 2 minutes of Princess Bride styled, “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.”

Why just walk into the reception when you can dance your way in?

This moment was everything.  It was when Hannah and her grandfather teared up about her grandmother not being there.  Hannah told him that she had attached a necklace of her’s to the bouquet that she carried all day. Which was sitting on the table in front of them.
All the feels.

I adore toasts.  I love when people say the things we often feel, but rarely tell each other.  This one was a doozy.  If you are wondering why it goes from evening to night time in these photos it’s because they had that much great stuff to say about them.

And then her brother called in from his super top secret location and talked about how much he loved Hannah and what an honorable man Rob was and how he could not be happier for the two of them.
Game over.

“Can we just cut the cake?  We don’t want to do that thing where we feed each other?” she said.
Of course you can!  It’s your wedding, do whatever you want to do.

Every sparkler exit should feel like the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

My favorite 10 Mug Machine images from the night.

Old man using them as as x-ray goggles. :)

This is what happens when your brother-in-law films your wedding.

Of COURSE Rob tore a hole in the crack of his pants.

Spit take.

Thank you for your service.

You guys had the perfect day.  Thank you for sharing it with me and trusting it to me.

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my favorite part of a wedding day: bouquet toss
my favorite part of a wedding day: bouquet toss

OK. It’s time again for that killer blog series: My Favorite Part of A Wedding.

Today’s topic: Bouquet Toss

Ah, yes. That moment in every wedding, where single ladies either get way too excited about it or vomit at the shear thought of it.

Quick history lesson:
Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that stems from England. Women used to try to rip pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To escape from the crowd, the bride would toss her bouquet and run away.

First of all, this sounds AMAZING! More like this please.

Somehow, the toss has evolved into this thing that now guarantees that the lucky lady who catches it will be the next one married. Because you know… magic.

So even though it’s a bit corny, I do love this little moment when your girlfriends get a chance to go all Hunger Games during your reception.

I love when there are literally dozens of competitors.

I love when they stretch their arms like NFL wide receivers.

I love when the girl that does NOT catch it is more excited than the girl that does.

I love when the girl you think is going to catch it does not.

I love the taunting that is often performed by the victor.

I love when the girls trip over themselves trying to catch it.

I love it most of all, when a girl falls to the floor, and a bride is willing to meet her down there for their photo together.

I also love when a lady has so much swag and confidence, that she knows she can jump, hold her red solo cup in one hand, and snag the bouquet with the other.

But seriously. Here is the key that I have found after shooting hundreds of weddings: some people love it, some people don’t. But you know your girls better than most. If you think they will enjoy it, then by all means, go for it. If you know they hate the idea… punt it. Sure it’s your wedding, but these are your closest friends. The goal isn’t to embarrass or shame them because they haven’t found someone to file taxes with jointly.

And, sure it’s a glorious moment for the winning lady, but it’s not like catching your flowers actually empowers the girl with the ability to become the next one married.

Or does it?

Because you enjoyed this, I know you’ll want to see more in this series. Click here for more words and pretty pictures.

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Haley + Devin = Joy
Haley + Devin = Joy

Haley & Devin’s Ashelynn Manor was may be the most joy-fill wedding I have ever attended.
(Because of course you can accurately measure joy and I keep track of such things.)

Haley’s bridesmaids were a fierce bunch.  I loved them to pieces.

True story: while putting on her jewelry someone asked where she got the pearl bracelet and Haley blushed a bit and said it was a gift form an old boyfriend.  Everyone laughed and Haley’s mother said “You don’t get rid of pearls.”

Gypsy Blooms made everything look super pretty.

Devin’s connection with his family was incredible to watch.  the way he interacted with his brother and honored his mother gives me so much hope for their marriage.

I LOVED this groomsman.  For the first 2 hours he was either napping, or having someone trim his beard.  Either way… he was not going to exert himself.

Of course they all had themed socks.

Shout out to the groomsman with the slightly too tight pants. (You know who you are.)

Devin lasted about .0001 second before the tears came out.

There’s always one.  Also, make a mental note of this iPad.

We spent about 10 minutes in song.  It was pretty great.

So… about 75% of the time, the ring never quit fits the guy’s finger.  I always wait for that face from the bride.

That giddy moment right before you are about to be married when you arch you back to express the pure joy and anticipation of two becoming one.

A lot of couples raise their hands in celebration.

Most don’t actually skip and jump down the aisle.

Seriously, the wave of joy, emotion, cheering, and clapping that this crowd of people let out almost knocked me over.

Hey hey, look at all the beautiful people looking beautiful.

This was actually the THIRD wedding I have photographed for this family.  Haley is a cousin to Hilary & Blake.
You remember Hilary right?  Hilary of Hilary & Kirk fame.
And I know you could never forget Blake.  Form that one time Ashley & Blake got married.

The cheering continued.

The best man and maid of honor gave the sweetest speeches.

Despite not wearing shoes.

I love a good first dance.

And I also love a Mother/Son dance.

And of course I love a Father/Daughter dance.

But sometimes my favorite is to capture other fathers and daughters during the Father/Daughter dance.

Anniversary dance.  And…. when you’ve been married 52 years… you are allowed to take an iPad out into the dance floor with your lady.

The dance floor was on fire.  Seriously.  On. Fire.

I told you the bridesmaids knew what they were doing.

Lipsync battle.

Bye Bye Bye was good.

But the guys managed to come up with choreography for Man! I Feel Like a Woman on the spot.  It was epic.

My top 10 Mug Machine photos from the night.

To Haley & Devin: Thank you two for letting me share in your day.  Your energy, excitement, and love for each other is so contagious.  I can’t tell you how full my heart was when I left your wedding.  You guys are a joy to be around and I can’t wait to see what you build your marriage into.

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