Brooke & Justin
Brooke & Justin

Brooke & Justin are the type of people that you feel totally at ease 12 seconds into meeting them.  Justin is a football coach at SMU and Brooke works in the recruiting department.  We had a great time going all over campus taking these photos.  Also, I’ve photographed dozens of couples on dozens of campuses across Texas…  shout out to Brooke for getting us the hook up and having a golf cart for us to drive around in.  25 cool bride points earned.

smu-engagement-photos-001 smu-engagement-photos-002 smu-engagement-photos-003
smu-engagement-photos-004 smu-engagement-photos-005 smu-engagement-photos-006

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Deep Ellum Love
Deep Ellum Love


Amanda & Bob are the type of people that 15 seconds into meeting them, you wish you had met them sooner.  Easy to talk to, honest, and totally real.  My only regret with their session was that it only lasted an hour.  I would much rather have spent a whole evening with them. :)


They met while working at Lowe’s in the paint department.  Bob told me that he was about to move out to Lawn & Garden, and quickly realized he only had 1 month to “train” her.  I guess the training worked because after 6 years of dating, here we are.

deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-003 deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-004 deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-005 deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-006 deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-007

During their session Amanda mentioned to me that one of the things that attracted her to Bob was how genuine he is.  It’s so true though, he oozes honesty. I loved seeing them interact and when she would ask for an opinion on something, he would give it, but he always made sure that she felt valued and heard throughout the session.  Such a great quality.

deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-008 deep-ellum-brewing-comapny-engagement-photos-009

Bob’s favorite thing about Amanda is how thoughtful she is.  “She thinks about people a lot.  She cares.”

You see that folks?  That’s how you pick a spouse.  You find someone who is honest, who is genuine.  You look for someone with a heart that bends towards people and has them on their mind.

You find someone like that, and you’ll find someone worth marrying.

Amanda & Bob did. :)


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Bruce, Lacey, & Cory
Bruce, Lacey, & Cory

Lacey & Cory’s story began way back in 2000.  Bruce, Lacey & Cory’s story began last week.

I’ll be honest… I’m not sure which one is my favorite.


These two have known each other since 6th grade.  They kinda grew up together in San Antonio and dated on and off for about 8 years.

san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-03 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-04 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-05 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-06 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-07

Shout out to Lacey for throwing herself at Cory in typical 8th grade fashion.

Also, a very special shout out to Marcus for signing Cory’s yearbook with the phrase “Keep pimpin’ dim HOES.”


Me: “You guys just stand next to each other and Lacey, bring your hand up so we can see the ring.”

I mentioned Bruce earlier.  Bruce is the name that Lacey gave the “blemish” that appeared on her forehead a couple of days before our session.  He has been photoshopped out of history, but this image may be my favorite I have ever taken.  “Give Bruce a kiss.” I said.

Cory didn’t even hesitate.


Like all cool, hip, young people, these two love to get slightly overpriced, yet delicious beverages at Local Coffee.
(I can’t tell you if it was any good because they did not offer to buy me any.)

san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-10 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-11 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-12 san-antonio-riverwalk-engagement-photography-13

Fun Fact about Lacey.  She has an older sister.
One of the perks of having older siblings is that you can steal photography pose ideas from back when they were engaged.  (Like 150 years ago.)


Thank you guys for a great session.  The three of you were a blast to hang out with.

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sarah & caleb | 365 days of marriage!!!
sarah & caleb | 365 days of marriage!!!


Sarah & Caleb were married 1 year ago on July 4th.  They were kind enough to drop some knowledge on what being a newly wed couple is like.  Read on if you want to make your first year of marriage a bit less bumpy.

What do you miss most about the single life?
Scheduling things on my own time. Having more options to do things I used to when I was single, work out, have a girls weekend, spend the weekend at my parents, or simply to go shopping for “wants” without feeling I have to consult with another’s schedule or consider our budget.

What’s your best cheapo/ fun date idea?
A campout. Could be after a long hike, or driving to a really cool location and setting up tent for the night or simply having a picnic with the tent set up for shade, we even set our tent up on the front porch in record low temperatures and spent the night out there – and just to live on the wild side it was a weeknight! Wherever you set up camp, make sure to stay long enough to star gaze and having a fire with s’mores is a MUST! This date can be done all year round, but my favorite time is during the fall.

What has been the best thing about your first year of marriage?
The best thing about the first year of marriage has been coming home to my best friend every night. Having that person to share frustrations with, get angry at, bounce ideas off of, share joys and encouraging each other through life’s ups and downs. Being married is just another example of God’s love for us.


What’s been the hardest part about being married?
The hardest part of being married for me has been a lack of “me time”, so very similar to what I miss most about being single. I lived on my own for 5 years, independent and financially stable. I didn’t need anyone to do anything for me. I could pick up and have a weekend with girlfriends at a bed and breakfast in a fun town, or sleep in until 7:30am (yes, that’s late for me!) Being married, is a give and take, and for all the things my husband and daughter add to my life, I’m happy to give up some of my girls weekends and sleeping late occasionally.

What surprised you the most?
It wasn’t so much that I was surprised by it than it was a huge realization. After a particularly difficult discussion (one of our first since being married) we headed to bed and I recall thinking… “He’s not leaving… I need time to process this conversation…he’s not going home…this is his home… Oh my gosh!” When we’re dating we had the luxury of our own homes. When we had discussed something difficult, there was time and space in between the next time we saw each other… Now that we’re married, it’s a little different. Still learning.

What have you fought about most and why?
Expectations I had about being a wife and mother. I have a wonderful example of what that looks like in my mother. I failed to realize that before she became the awesome mother and wife I witnessed while I was growing up and that I know today, she had to go thorough the first few years of marriage as well- figuring out who she was as a Mrs. and as a mother. I fight with myself about not meeting preconceived expectations which I place upon myself, which in turn effects our communication.

lake-tyler-petroleum-club-wedding-003 lake-tyler-petroleum-club-wedding-004 lake-tyler-petroleum-club-wedding-005
What was the biggest thing you were nervous about? How has it turned out?
A friend of mine just reminded me of one of the things I was nervous about before getting married: making lunches for my husband during the week and planning the week of meals for our family.  It seems so funny now to think about how worried I was, but I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my family and doing a good job of it by the way of cooking meals which I enjoy and keeping a warm, inviting and clean home. My husband and daughter help out so much and even without me asking them to do it. From doing the dishes, to making the beds, vacuuming, helping me cook, washing, drying and folding the clothes, they make being married and family life easy and enjoyable. I feel so blessed!

Do you have any advice for couples who are about to blend a family?
My husband always went on “Dad and daughter dates” before he and I got married. I encouraged them to continue these dates afterwards as well so that they can have one on one time and further their bond without me in the picture.

I am an educator and have seen many of my children from divorced households and the gambit of relationship dynamics pass through my classroom. Remaining positive and complimentary of the child’s parent(s) is essential. Nothing negative should ever be discussed in front of the child/ children.

I read many books about blended families and even books about the specific role in which you are about to take on. Read books about the your children/ stepchildren and the emotions they could experience. (The five Love Languages of Children is also a great book!)

Lastly, the biological parent needs to be sensitive to their spouce’s, the step-parent’s emotions. It is important for the husband and wife to continue to go on dates. The spouse/ stepparent needs to feel validated and a respected part of the family. This can be very tricky. Communication is key and it also requires the spouse (stepparent) to be sensitive and very understanding.

lake-tyler-petroleum-club-wedding-006 lake-tyler-petroleum-club-wedding-007

Happy 1 year of marriage guys.  Thanks for opening up and giving us a little peek into your life.

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How Do You Feel About That?
How Do You Feel About That?


I still remember the first call I had with Liz & Jeff. Danielle and I were in the car, and I called Liz to go over their engagement session plans. Since I was driving, I had the phone on speaker, but Danielle was just being her super, quiet self. (She’s a creeper.) Anyway, Jeff had not said much as Liz and I kicked ideas around. After hearing all of her suggestions, I kinda formed a little plan and said, “I think we should do this, this, and this, etc.” “Sound good?” There was a bit of a pause and then Jeff jumped in and said,

“How do you feel about that Liz?”

She said she was good with it, we finalized the details, and the call was over. I turned to Danielle and smiled and she said something to the effect of “That’s impressive.”

Seriously. I was floored. That little question said so much to me about their relationship. Months before they are getting married, Jeff has already realized what it took me years to understand and flesh out in my marriage.

Feelings Matter.

We all know they matter. But sometimes we tend to overlook or skip past them. We assume the other person is wrong to “feel” a certain way and they’ll get over it. We think we know best and eventually, they’ll come around. This is not a good plan. Trust me. ;)

Jeff and Liz have figured out that the more they communicate and talk through things, the stronger their relationship will be. The better you are about talking through something as unimportant as your engagement session location and time, the better you will be when it’s time to talk through a career change or move.

hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-02 hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-03 hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-04

I adore their sense of humor.  I said, “Go stand on the bridge and hold hands with just a bit of space between you.”


Sit on the bench like you would if I was not here. :)

While shooting their session, I started to understand how and why these two seem so comfortable and secure in their relationship. I think it’s because they have been through and seen a lot. They met while serving in the Peace Corps, and together have traveled all over the place.


Not a bad list right? If you have ever been to another country, you know that sometimes the cultural or language barrier can be a tough thing to overcome. If you stay there long enough though, you find ways to make things work and figure the place out. That’s a skill Liz & Jeff have acquired. That’s a skill that will serve them well in the strange and exotic land they will find themselves in soon enough.

The land called Marriage.


I seriously loved you two as much as possible without being super weird about it.
I can’t wait to hang out on your wedding day and know you two are gonna be great at it.

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