Dogs, Books, & Coffee
Dogs, Books, & Coffee


Anni & Kip met back when they lived in the same apartment complex. They kept bumping into each other when they walked their humans.  Little by little Anni would take more walks just so she could run into Kip and eventually, their humans caught on and decided they, too, should fall in love.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-002 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-003

After they felt comfortable enough with me, Anni & Kip let me take their humans out for photos of just the two of them.

Kathrine & Josh took me to the greatest used book store in the world.  You should absolutely go to Recycled Books & Records.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-004 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-005

Right away I fell in love with just how opposite these two are.  Josh is this quiet guy with super great jokes and observations that he mumbles under his breath.  Kathrine is basically Joy from Inside Out.  She was Laughing SO LOUD in the book store.  It was wonderful.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-006 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-007

Sometimes the photos find you.



Quick change and off to the courthouse we went.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-010 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-011

Why yes. Yes, we would like to share stories about basketball and life, over chocolate milk and coffee at West Oak Coffee

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-012 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-013 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-014

Thank you guys for sharing your morning with me.  I loved your story and how full of life you guys are.  I love that you already knew each others Love Languages.  I love that your story reminded me of 101 Dalmatians.

Can’t wait for your wedding.

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acetaminophen, sildenafil citrate, & pizza
acetaminophen, sildenafil citrate, & pizza


One of my favorite things to do when shooting an engagement session is to make the photo relevant.  Not just for a save the date card, but relevant for your grandkids.  I love the idea of documenting a couple in their everyday life and space.  Telling a story of this very real season of life.  Not an imaginary, made-up, stylized season that you kinda feel out of place in.

Kally & Kishan love to cook and they were so generous to invite me into their home to tell this little story.
(Bentley was also very nice to me.)

ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-002 ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-003

While we waited for the pizza, they did what every couple does while waiting on the pizza they just made…

They went out onto the porch and drank coffee.


PIZZA TIME! Cowabunga!


One of the things I loved about these two is how expressive they both are.  Kishan is great at saying and asking just the right questions, and Kally’s facial expressions are the best.

ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-006 ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-007 ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-008

These two met at a pharmaceutical conference while in school.  One evening, they were in a group hanging out and everybody had “paired up” and was talking to someone.  Kally was very eager to pair up with and talk to Kishan; so she made her move.

“OK. Everybody rotate!” she yelled, as she instructed people to move in the direction that would partner her up with Kishan.  It seems to have worked because here they are all these years later still partnered up.

ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-009 ft-worth-museum-engagement-photos-010

I had them whisper the generic names of meds into each others ears.  It was both super funny and slightly uncomfortable as Kally started to enjoy the process a bit too much.

You couples at home, feel free to steal this idea.
Next time you are alone, slowly walk up behind your spouse and whisper acetaminophen.

(You can thank me later.)

Thank you guys for sharing your day (and pizza) with me.
Thank you Kally for letting Kishan wear his super cool Apple watch.
Thank you Kishan for remembering to shut the cabinet doors.

And a HUGE thank you to both of you for sitting on that bench and talking marriage with me for 10 minutes.  It was my favorite part of your session.  The fact that you guys are ALREADY actively working on your marriage fills my heart.

Because many, many years from now, no one will care that you had pizza for your engagement session or how beautiful your wedding was.

All that will be left is your marriage.

(Well, your marriage and a bottle of sildenafil citrate.)

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Charity Water | Mini Sessions
Charity Water | Mini Sessions


The past 5 years our family has gone on mission/humanitarian trips overseas. The thing with going to these places is that you always go intending to help someone and the reality is that you come back changed. Little by little, year by year, OUR hearts have changed. They have grown more and more open towards others and specifically towards those less fortunate.

One of the things we decided to do this year was not spend money heading “over there” but instead look for ways to help right from where we are. We’ve found ways to serve, give, and grow our hearts without having to take a plane ride. One of the ways we are doing that this year is by partnering with Charity Water.

Charity Water is an AMAZING organization that just celebrated 10 years. Every single dollar you give goes towards clean water. Not one penny goes towards payroll, paying rent, maintaining a website, or donuts for their break room.

To understand just how important water is watch either of these videos.

If you have 2 minutes, watch this one.

If you have 20 minutes and a box of kleenex watch this one.

So today is my birthday and I am turning 39. And here is what I’m asking you to do:

I’m asking you to give.

It’s that simple. I’m asking you to give a one time donation of 39 bucks. (That’s like buying two Blu-rays.)

39 bucks gives someone clean drinking water for 1 year.

39 bucks give a woman her dignity back.

39 bucks gives a young boy a chance to go to school.

39 bucks gives a young girl her future.

All of these things and so much more happen when people have access to clean water.


It literally takes less than a minute to go online and give.

I’m convinced every single person reading this has 39 bucks they can spare.

Maybe you wait another month on that grill you’ve been eyeing.

Maybe you don’t buy those “essential” oils.

Maybe you don’t go out to eat this week.

Maybe you dip into that wedding account.
(Trust me, you can’t buy anything wedding related for 39 bucks, you ain’t gonna miss it.)

Maybe you are a college kid and your parents gave you a credit card.
Use that bad boy without even asking!!!! (I’m looking at you Beckie.)

I’m daring you to give.

I’m daring you to change a life.

I’m daring you to do the one thing this week you can look back on and be absolutely sure it was the best thing you could have done with 39 bucks.

Go give. I dare you.


Oh yeah… about those mini sessions…

Anyone who donates $150 bucks or more gets a mini session. You can’t beat that.
(Once you donate, send me a copy of your receipt and you’ll be signed up.)
Donate here:

You get amazing photos of you and your people…

5 people get clean water because you decided to get your picture taken.

Mini Session locations & dates:
Austin: October 8th
Dallas: October 15th
Tyler: October 16th

One more thing…
My beautiful bride has a birthday coming up 2 days from now. All of you people who are always telling me how amazing and how wonderful she is… this is your chance to let her know that… by donating 74 dollars.

Nothing would fill her heart more to see this campaign reach our goal of $5,000 bucks.

Give 39 bucks. Change a life. It’s that simple.

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A Beer Bladder Love Story
A Beer Bladder Love Story

It would be impossible for me to love Leah and Jordan more.  They are super kind, chill, and way way too easy to photograph.  And for their location they decided on Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport.  What’s not to love?


These two met during their urology residency. (I think that’s how you say it.  I’m not book smart like these two.)

great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-002 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-003 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-004

Jordan also dabbles in photography, and I indulged him by letting him talk about his camera and lenses.  I thought it would be poor form to bring up my extensive knowledge of urology so I kept that on the down low.
(Didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his lady.)


Jordan was so eager to tell me about how they met in school and hit it off right away.  And how after a couple of years, Leah invited him over for some fried deer steak.

The rest as they say… is beer.  Lots and lots of beer.

great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-006 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-007 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-008
You’ll be seeing more of these two soon because later this month they are getting married at Lake Tyler Petroleum Club.  (Can’t wait!)

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Perfectly Balanced Couple
Perfectly Balanced Couple


Tony’s opening questions on OKCupid was “Did you go to Hopkins?” (As in Johns) Rebecca said it was the least creepiest, most interesting opening line she had ever heard and was curious about this guy. Turns out she has pretty good instincts.

Their story started while she was finishing up medical school. Their work schedules were off, and, like most people starting their residency, Rebecca did not have much free time. But she did have to eat. Tony seized the opportunity and brought her pizza. He basically became her private delivery boy; any excuse to see her.

Apparently, Rebecca and my wife Danielle have the same Love Language-Fun Food.





About half way through our session, Rebecca noticed this sign in the gardens and demanded a photo with it.
“Even tiny balls and little feet can crush our babies.” Uh… yes please.


Rebecca said that her favorite thing about Tony is how when they fight, it feels like they figure something out on the other side of it.  I think that may be my favorite answer ever.  Seriously, if you hang out with ANYONE long enough, you are going to disagree.  The couples that can work through those and learn from them are the couples that stay together.  I LOVE that they are already starting to click in that area.  684 Relationship Points go to Rebecca & Tony!



I always love when one person is ready to kiss the other and the other person is like… not quite right now.

So even though Rebecca is the bubbly outgoing one in the relationship, it was super obvious how much Tony values and respects her.  He was so tender and kind to her the whole session.  I loved how he listened to her and how his steady personality is the perfect balance to her go-go fun-fun one.


Reason 892 why Rebecca and Tony are great together.  He puts up with her hip checks when they are just walking through Herman park.


Tony’s willingness to go with the flow and Rebecca’s fun quirky spirit is what’s going to keep these two together.

That and Tony buying her pizza throughout the years.

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