top 10 2016 | engagement photos
top 10 2016 | engagement photos

It’s that time again. It’s time to look back at some of the best photos from 2016. Everyday we’ll be taking a look at a new category. Voting is open till 10:00am the next day and the winners will be announced Monday 23, 2017. The winning entries will each receive a 16×20 print. Today’s category: Engagement Sessions Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Jump top-10-engagment-photos-2016-01 2. Beer top-10-engagment-photos-2016-02 3. Coffee top-10-engagment-photos-2016-03 4. Books top-10-engagment-photos-2016-04 5. Art top-10-engagment-photos-2016-05 6. Steps top-10-engagment-photos-2016-06 7. 12th Man top-10-engagment-photos-2016-07 7. Hammock top-10-engagment-photos-2016-08 9. CrossFit top-10-engagment-photos-2016-09 10. Bokeh top-10-engagment-photos-2016-10

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Kammoks, Calvin, & Candy
Kammoks, Calvin, & Candy

I love Chloe & Tyler so much I woke up early on Thanksgiving to blog their images.  True story.  Typically I would write all about a couple and how they met and how great their journey towards each other is, but I also don’t want my wife to hate me because I’m spending Thanksgiving at my computer so all you are getting on this post is short unspellcheked quippy remarks.  You’ll have to wait till their wedding photos to hear their story.

How great is Tyler State Park in the fall?


How good am I at my job?  The Best.  The Best.

tyler-state-park-images-engagement-002 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-003

These two love to Kammok and read together. I love how much of a gentleman Tyler is that he checks the Kammok to make sure it’s safe for Chloe.

tyler-state-park-images-engagement-004 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-005 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-006

I love a lady who is smart enough to read the book Tyler is holding, yet wise enough to choose the one that she did.

tyler-state-park-images-engagement-007 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-008

Of course they journal.

tyler-state-park-images-engagement-009 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-010

It only took 73 gummy bear tosses till he caught one.

tyler-state-park-images-engagement-011 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-012 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-013 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-014 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-015 tyler-state-park-images-engagement-016

You guys were too much fun.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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A Girl, A Boy, & A Beach
A Girl, A Boy, & A Beach


30 seconds into our session, Haley & Devin were my new favorite, young people.  They were both super nervous about being photographed. But honestly, I have no idea why.  They pulled it off like the rockstars they are.


Their very first date was a coffee date, so it seemed fitting that we would start at Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream in Galveston.

Is it ok if I hurry up and get to their story because it’s the BEST.

Haley had finished undergrad at Texas A&M and started medical school at UTMB in Galveston.  She started attending a church there and discovered a pretty great guy named Devin.  Devin had grown up in Galveston and was attending the Texas A&M Maritime Academy.  (So they totally have a Maroon & Orange thing going.) Anyway…

They had been friends for a while. As they started to like each other more, they decided to not start a relationship because they didn’t feel they were ready.  Eventually, Devin asked Haley to be his girlfriend.  She said yes.  And, even though the timing might have been a bit off, 2 months later he asked her to be his fiancé.  She said yes to that one, too.

galveston-beach-engagement-photos-005 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-006

These two love to just set up their Eno and watch the waves.  Not a bad life.

galveston-beach-engagement-photos-007 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-008 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-009 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-010 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-011

Remember how I mentioned earlier the timing on Devin’s proposal was a bit off?  The reason was because right after he proposed, Haley left for the Philippines to deliver babies for 4 months. (Like you do.)  And don’t worry. Before you get all like, “Haley is such a great person. How could anyone be better than her?” Devin headed to Greece for a month to serve in refugee camps.
So yeah.  Best. Humans. Ever.

galveston-beach-engagement-photos-012 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-013 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-014

Haley told me that the thing that she loves most about Devin is how vulnerable he is when talking to people.  I experienced that first hand. I saw just how real and honest he is right after first meeting him.  That is so comforting to hear because the thing that Danielle and I have found in 14 and 5/12th months of marriage, is that the more open and honest you are, and the more you communicate, the better off your relationships will be.

Devin went on and on about how great Haley is at listening.  “She’s so easy to talk to,” he said.

But then… then it turned to gold because he added that, “She is full of wisdom and gives great advice.”

Too many times one parter will be the talker and the other one the listener.  (Guess which one I am.)

Again, over time, I have learned that my wife is FULL of wisdom and advice. But I need to give her the space and time to share it.  Devin has already figured this out about his bride, and I know their marriage will be stronger for it.

galveston-beach-engagement-photos-015 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-016 galveston-beach-engagement-photos-017
Thank you guys for an amazing afternoon at the beach.  Devin, thanks for opening up.  Haley, thanks for listening to me and giving me great advice on where to park. ;)

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Aggie Love
Aggie Love

Hello, I want you to meet Morgan, Trevor and their doghter Lexi.


texas-aggie-engagment-photos-002 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-003 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-004 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-005

These two both went to Texas aTm, didn’t know each other, and then went on to Baylor law where they met.  I love that we came back here where their story started without them even knowing it.

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-006 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-007

My favorite part of their story is how they were friends and knew each other in law school but were not dating, Trevor had invited her and other friends out to his parent’s lake house but Morgan had elected to not go.  She woke up one day to find he had changed his Facebook profile picture to one of JUST him and after some Nancy Drew type investigating Morgan figured out that Trevor and his girlfriend were no longer together.  BOOM. She called him up and said I’m heading to the lake. :)

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-008 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-009

Trevor is a big dude, he could beat me up.  I LOVED him getting attacked by this branch.

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-010 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-011 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-012

Thank you guys for romping all over campus with me.

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Like Chicken? Grab A Wing.
Like Chicken? Grab A Wing.

Hannah & Rob are the very reason I think I have one of the best jobs in the world. They were such a joy to get to know and I left their session with a full full heart.

(We also took photographs.)

Hannah is a residential and commercial architect so naturally we started at the Cullen Sculpture Garden in Houston.

I asked Hannah what first attracted her to Rob and she instantly started gushing about his sense of humor.  She loves how random and quirky he is.

About 30 minutes into their first date they were crossing the street and he turns to her and asks:
Do you like chicken?
She said yes, to which he stuck out his arm and said,
“Grab a wing”.

Game. Set. Match.
That’s how it’s done folks.


Another thing I love about their story is that they met the old fashion way. Online dating.
And, AND, 6 months into it Hannah knew this was legit and began the process of growing her hair out for her wedding.  That is some legit planning on her part. #rapunzel

cullen-sculpture-garden-engagement-photos-004 cullen-sculpture-garden-engagement-photos-005

Rob told me that during their first date he was training for a triathlon and he had already had a big lunch and was not eating much at dinner.

That did not however deter Hannah, she went on to order a full plate of Bar-B-Q.

He talked about how much he LOVED that she was willing to be herself regardless of how that might “appear” or look.  Spoiler Alert: Hannah is a human.  She eats food.

A word to all you other ladies out there looking for love:
Real men are attracted to women who are not afraid to be themselves.
Real men are not “put off” by a confident woman.
Real men are attracted to a woman who is secure in her self and opinions.

Especially when those options are “I think I’ll have some more brisket.”


111 year old architecture for the win! Thanks St. Paul United Methodist Church.



One last note, all throughout our session we kept seeing these little caterpillars.
We loved them, I hope you do too.


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