How Do You Feel About That?
How Do You Feel About That?


I still remember the first call I had with Liz & Jeff. Danielle and I were in the car, and I called Liz to go over their engagement session plans. Since I was driving, I had the phone on speaker, but Danielle was just being her super, quiet self. (She’s a creeper.) Anyway, Jeff had not said much as Liz and I kicked ideas around. After hearing all of her suggestions, I kinda formed a little plan and said, “I think we should do this, this, and this, etc.” “Sound good?” There was a bit of a pause and then Jeff jumped in and said,

“How do you feel about that Liz?”

She said she was good with it, we finalized the details, and the call was over. I turned to Danielle and smiled and she said something to the effect of “That’s impressive.”

Seriously. I was floored. That little question said so much to me about their relationship. Months before they are getting married, Jeff has already realized what it took me years to understand and flesh out in my marriage.

Feelings Matter.

We all know they matter. But sometimes we tend to overlook or skip past them. We assume the other person is wrong to “feel” a certain way and they’ll get over it. We think we know best and eventually, they’ll come around. This is not a good plan. Trust me. ;)

Jeff and Liz have figured out that the more they communicate and talk through things, the stronger their relationship will be. The better you are about talking through something as unimportant as your engagement session location and time, the better you will be when it’s time to talk through a career change or move.

hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-02 hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-03 hermann-park-houston-engagement-photos-04

I adore their sense of humor.  I said, “Go stand on the bridge and hold hands with just a bit of space between you.”


Sit on the bench like you would if I was not here. :)

While shooting their session, I started to understand how and why these two seem so comfortable and secure in their relationship. I think it’s because they have been through and seen a lot. They met while serving in the Peace Corps, and together have traveled all over the place.


Not a bad list right? If you have ever been to another country, you know that sometimes the cultural or language barrier can be a tough thing to overcome. If you stay there long enough though, you find ways to make things work and figure the place out. That’s a skill Liz & Jeff have acquired. That’s a skill that will serve them well in the strange and exotic land they will find themselves in soon enough.

The land called Marriage.


I seriously loved you two as much as possible without being super weird about it.
I can’t wait to hang out on your wedding day and know you two are gonna be great at it.

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Mustang Marriage
Mustang Marriage

Natalee & Josh met while they were at SMU.  They are totally getting married.  Their engagement session consisted of two locations.

Location 1: Give the parents photos that they will like.

smu-football-engagement-photos-01 smu-football-engagement-photos-02

Location 2: Give Josh a reason to tackle Natalee.  (Did I mention that Josh played football for SMU and is a super huge dude that could crush me with his left arm?)

smu-football-engagement-photos-03 smu-football-engagement-photos-04 smu-football-engagement-photos-05 DCIM100MEDIA smu-football-engagement-photos-07 smu-football-engagement-photos-08 smu-football-engagement-photos-09 smu-football-engagement-photos-10

Thank you guys for a fun afternoon and for sneaking/getting me into the stadium. ;)

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top 10 2014 | the winners!
top 10 2014 | the winners!

Wow, last weeks Top 10 contest was the biggest ever. There were over 4,400 votes cast. (You people have a lot of friends.) The bridal category had close to 600 votes and was decided by only 1 vote. Anyway, here are the winners for this past year. Be sure and shake hands and say good game before you walk off the field. You couples that won, you can go to bed tonight knowing you are champions. You couples that lost…. you can go to bed tonight complain about the officials.

Engagement: Band
Marriage is tough.
Balancing marriage and work is tougher.
Balancing marriage and work when you work at the same high school is tougher-er.
Balancing marriage and work when you work at the same high school and both your jobs depending on how well the halftime performance goes is the toughest.

So glad that Katie & Joe trusted me to pull of this shot. I love it.

Rings: Tweet
Nicole and Tyson met on Twitter. Yeah. Twitter. 140 characters at a time they fell in love. I would love to be there when one day they have to explain to their grandkids what Twitter was.


Brides: Emily
I’m sure many an Aggie bride has dreamed of drinking a pitcher of beer at the Dixi Chicken in a wedding dress. Emily actually pulled it off.


Mug Machine: Hair
Amanda and her friend had a KILLER wedding reception. It only makes sense that one of their Mug Machine images won.


Random: Flower
This may honestly be my favorite “lucky” photo I’ve taken this past year. You can never predict what little kids will do. I never expected her to jump in the air as she tossed petals left and right.


Wedding: Hug
It’s a bit ironic, but last year’s winning wedding image was also a hug that took place shortly after the ceremony. That’s such an unscripted time. It’s always full of so much emotion. I saw this moment unfolding and was so so glad that I was able to do it justice. Anytime part of your day involves the rebuilding of a family, I’m all in. Thank you Caleb & Sarah for trusting me with your wedding.


Thanks again to everyone who voted. It was fun. Let’s do it again next year.

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Top 10 2014 | Engagement
Top 10 2014 | Engagement

It’s that time again. It’s time to look back at some of the best photos from 2014. Everyday we’ll be taking a look at a new category. Voting is open till midnight and the winners will be announced Monday. The winning entries will each receive a 16×20 print.

Today’s category: Engagement Sessions

Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Bike: Calley & Will love to bike together.  Calley is faster than Will.


2. Sunset: Nothing beats a sunset together.


3. Cook: Mike is a killer chef. JoDee is a killer wife.


4. Wood: Nothing like making out on the family business.


5. Bridge: You know what’s cool? Bridges. (And Breelyn & Tyson.)


6. Carnival: Who doesn’t like going to the State Fair?


7. Vineyard: Nothing says we are engaged like going to a vineyard.


8. Balance: These two love to slackline together. (Google it. It’s awesome.)


9. Beer: That time your favorite bar put your wedding date up with all their custom beers.


10. Band: Sometimes Drill Team instructors fall in love with Band instructors.


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Carny Love
Carny Love

Kaylan & Trent are my favorite kind of people.  The kind who don’t take themselves too seriously.  So when she proposed a State Fair engagement session I was all in.  When she said, she wanted to make sure and get some gross things like old corn dogs in the photos I knew we would be best friends.  AND.  When she told me she is going to have a carnival themed wedding I was like… let’s hurry up and get to the wedding.  :)  Consider this a practice session for the “real photos” to come next month.  You guys were a blast.

state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-01 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-02 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-02B

state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-03 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-04 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-05 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-06 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-07 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-08 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-09 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-10 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-11 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-12 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-13 state-fair-dallas-tx-engaged-photos-14

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