Dani & Joey | My new best friends
Dani & Joey | My new best friends

It would be impossible for me to love Dani & Joey more.  5 minutes into my first conversation with Joey I knew they would be the best.  True to form, they did not disappoint.  This is what they spent 99% of their session doing.  Laughing.  I love couples who laugh together.


When they were not laughing, they spent their time debating and answering the big questions in life.  Questions like…. Who is the best Disney Villain? Joey took Scar, I believe Dani settled on Cruella Deville.  (Joey & I spent the next 5 minutes mocking Dani’s choice.)


Let’s stop right here for a minute.  How can ANYONE pick Cruella?  What’s her crime?  So she loves fashion.  Is that really so bad?  Who among us has not indulged once or twice with an accessory or an over to top wardrobe item?  Scar on the other hand KILLS HIS BROTHER and then forces his tiny young nephew to take the blame and leave his mother.  That’s a bit more cruel than a shopping spree.


OK, Back to the session.

They are also awesome at frolicking.
And having general fun times.
dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-04 dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-05 dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-06

One of my favorite parts of every session is getting to hear how couples met.  Dani & Joey have a great story.  They were both members of the same gym and Dani had noticed him working out. (Specifically his shoulders.)  So… she started coming a bit early to watch him stretch and work out.  They had a mutual friend who noticed her noticing Joey and he decided she should meet him.  Dani was a bit nervous about meeting “eye-candy”, as she called him, but did anyway.  A few days later she was making him a spice cake from scratch for his birthday and the rest is history.

So ladies… take note.  Head out to your nearest gym and find the best looking guy there.  Odds are he’s super smart and the man of your dreams.


These two really were most comfortable when they could just hang out and talk and laugh.  It made my job super easy.

dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-08 dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-09 dallas-arboretum-engagement-photos-10

I still have not told you my favorite thing about these two.  They are 3.6 million times smarter than me yet they never once made me feel dumb.  Dani is a 3rd year OB/GYN Resident and Joey went to some school called Mass Tech in Cambridge and is currently working on his thesis paper about cancer.  I loved that they spent their session frolicking, talking Disney, and maybe even making inappropriate jokes about elbows. (Check that first image out again.)

Thank you guys for being so great, and thank you for not crushing my tiny brain with your intelligence.  :)

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Calley & Will | Triathlon Engagement
Calley & Will | Triathlon Engagement

I loved Calley & Will from the moment I met them.  They are such an easygoing couple and super great to chat with.  And, due to my newfound interest in running, Will became my new hero.  (You’ll soon see why.)  We did the whole session in Rose Rudman Park in Tyler, TX.  This is where these two spend so much of their time.  Although… they usually are not wearing  fancy official engaged outfits like these.  (But they do look pretty swell in them.)

triatholon-engagement-photographer-01 triatholon-engagement-photographer-02

This is what they typically look like. :)


These two love to compete in triathlons.  (Will is kinda awesome at them.)

triatholon-engagement-photographer-04 triatholon-engagement-photographer-05 triatholon-engagement-photographer-06 triatholon-engagement-photographer-07 triatholon-engagement-photographer-08

I mentioned Will pretty good.  By pretty good I actually meant ranked number 6 in the state of Texas.  As in… he’s kinda like a machine.  A really kind nice machine that will crush you in a triathlon.

triatholon-engagement-photographer-09 triatholon-engagement-photographer-10


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top 10 2013 | the winners!
top 10 2013 | the winners!

So excited to announce the winners of the top 10 contests from last week.  We had over 2,500 votes and some really really close categories.  In the end, these were the winners.  Thanks again to all my couples for letting me tell their story.  If you did not win, be sure and tell everyone good game before you walk off the court.  You couples that did win, make sure you celebrate responsibly.  No looting or rioting.

Engagement Session: This is the classroom where Emily & Lucas met.  This is the very place their story began.


Wedding Rings: Blake works in visual effects, I wanted him to be able to drop his rings into any film he made in the future. ;)

Bridal Session: Krystle crushed her bridal shoot at Marvin United Methodist in Tyler.

Mug Machine: Much like their wedding day, Lauren & Alex’s Mug Machine was off the hook.  (Do people still say “off the hook”?)


Random:  Lindsey & Jim’s reception and dance floor was the place to be.


Wedding:  I honestly could not have picked a better photo to win this category.

Jaime had been fighting serious migraines all day, in fact we almost had to put off the wedding till later in the day. After the ceremony they were just sitting in the kitchen resting and someone asked them if they were ready to make their entrance and have their first dance. Jaime said she didn’t think she was up for all that. Nolan said no problem. About five minutes later while holding and comforting her they broke out into a slow dance. All alone, with no fanfare, no one clapping, no one watching. I took 3 photos and walked out. It was a moment that just belonged to them.

Just the two of them on their wedding day.

It was a beautiful picture of marriage. It’s not the big public moments that get us through life. It’s not the things we say when everyone is watching. Marriage is about what we do when we are alone.

Marriage is about changing the toilet paper roll.
Marriage is about making the bed.
Marriage is about impromptu slow dances in the kitchen.


Thanks again to everyone who voted.  And to all my 2014 couples.  Let’s make some images that make these 2013 ones look like poo. :)

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Top 10 2013 | Engagement Photos
Top 10 2013 | Engagement Photos

Get Excited!  It’s your chance to help someone win a 16×20 print!  Voting is open till midnight.  Tell your friends.

Today’s category: Engagement Sessions

Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Cooking:  I loved watching Amanda & Clayton cook with their little girl.  Such fun memories and tasty cookies were made that day.
2. Checkers: True story. This is the moment in time when Karl taught Justine how to play checkers.
3. Austin: Hayden & Alecia are good at kissing.  They also like Austin.
4. Class: This is the classroom where Emily & Lucas met.  This is the very place their story began.
5. Paint: 1 sure fire way to improve your engagement session.  Paint fight.
6. Paddle Board: Kayla & David like each other & paddle boards.  In that order.
7. Home: This is the foundation to Lindsey & Jonathan’s 1st home together.
8. Hunt: Jessica & Casey like to shoot things.  So I shot them.
9.  Cars: Megan & Stephen met because they both loved their cars.  Now they love each other.
10. Hockey: Katelyn & Chris are both hockey fans.  Blackhawks won that night 6-2

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Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos
Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos

Katelyn is from Chicago, Chris is a Dallas boy.  They love sports and each other.

Where should we go for their engagement session?  Some place fun and romantic?  Maybe a picnic basket and a red & white blanket?  Nope.

How about someplace loud and rowdy where a fight might break out and they can get mad at each other?  Yes! Perfect!  A Stars & Blackhawks game!

dallas-stars-engagement-photos-01 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-02 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-03 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-04 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-05 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-06

My favorite thing about these two is how Chris keeps Katelyn laughing.  It was hard to NOT get a photo of her just cracking up when they were together.
dallas-stars-engagement-photos-07 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-08

Sometime around the 2nd period the photo session came to an end.  You see, Katelyn’s Blackhawks were beating Chris’ Stars 3-0.  Chris got a little grumpy.

That’s ok though.  (I work for the bride.)

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