top 10 2014 | the winners!
top 10 2014 | the winners!

Wow, last weeks Top 10 contest was the biggest ever. There were over 4,400 votes cast. (You people have a lot of friends.) The bridal category had close to 600 votes and was decided by only 1 vote. Anyway, here are the winners for this past year. Be sure and shake hands and say good game before you walk off the field. You couples that won, you can go to bed tonight knowing you are champions. You couples that lost…. you can go to bed tonight complain about the officials.

Engagement: Band
Marriage is tough.
Balancing marriage and work is tougher.
Balancing marriage and work when you work at the same high school is tougher-er.
Balancing marriage and work when you work at the same high school and both your jobs depending on how well the halftime performance goes is the toughest.

So glad that Katie & Joe trusted me to pull of this shot. I love it.

Rings: Tweet
Nicole and Tyson met on Twitter. Yeah. Twitter. 140 characters at a time they fell in love. I would love to be there when one day they have to explain to their grandkids what Twitter was.


Brides: Emily
I’m sure many an Aggie bride has dreamed of drinking a pitcher of beer at the Dixi Chicken in a wedding dress. Emily actually pulled it off.


Mug Machine: Hair
Amanda and her friend had a KILLER wedding reception. It only makes sense that one of their Mug Machine images won.


Random: Flower
This may honestly be my favorite “lucky” photo I’ve taken this past year. You can never predict what little kids will do. I never expected her to jump in the air as she tossed petals left and right.


Wedding: Hug
It’s a bit ironic, but last year’s winning wedding image was also a hug that took place shortly after the ceremony. That’s such an unscripted time. It’s always full of so much emotion. I saw this moment unfolding and was so so glad that I was able to do it justice. Anytime part of your day involves the rebuilding of a family, I’m all in. Thank you Caleb & Sarah for trusting me with your wedding.


Thanks again to everyone who voted. It was fun. Let’s do it again next year.

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top 10 2014 | brides
top 10 2014 | brides

It’s that time again. It’s time to look back at some of the best photos from 2014. Everyday we’ll be taking a look at a new category. Voting is open till midnight and the winners will be announced Monday. The winning entries will each receive a 16×20 print.

Today’s category: Brides

Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Lindsey

2. Chelsie


3. Kathleen


4. Emily


5. Kayla


6. Shelby


7. Jennifer


8. Talia


9. Kaylan


10. Bekah


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A girl & her Horse
A girl & her Horse

I’m always sad when a bride contacts me to shoot her wedding and I’m already booked. :( (Because I love to make me some MONEY! CHA-CHING!!!) Anyway… back when Kathleen contacted me about her date I had to give her the sad news that her date was already taken. :( Blame Emily & Lucas ; )

I was however super excited when she asked if I would still do a bridal session for her. I was more excited when she told me Bubbles would be there.

First off… How amazing is her dress?




Meet Bubbles.  Kathleen and Bubbles have been together since her first high school rodeo.  Together they went on to College Nationals in Casper, WY rodeoing for Texas A&M. (WHOOP!)  After that they decided they should head down to Belle Fourche, SD and win their first pro rodeo.  Kathleen has also placed on her at pro rodeos in Casper, WY Laramie, WY, Garden City, KS and a few others.  So yeah… They kinda have a bit of history together.


Anyone wanna take bets on whether or not Kathleen’s fiancé noticed her eyes?




Thanks so much for the session.  Your mom and sister were a hoot.  Tell them I said hello and tell your mom thanks for making me fall off the mule.

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Lindsey | Bride in a Barn
Lindsey | Bride in a Barn

If you wanna know how to crush your bridal session look no further than to what Lindsey did at Howell Family Farms in Arlington, TX.

howell-farms-dallas-photography-0001 howell-farms-dallas-photography-0002 howell-farms-dallas-photography-0003 howell-farms-dallas-photography-0004 howell-farms-dallas-photography-0005

Can’t wait to share her Denver, CO wedding.  It was so so much fun.

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top 10 2013 | the winners!
top 10 2013 | the winners!

So excited to announce the winners of the top 10 contests from last week.  We had over 2,500 votes and some really really close categories.  In the end, these were the winners.  Thanks again to all my couples for letting me tell their story.  If you did not win, be sure and tell everyone good game before you walk off the court.  You couples that did win, make sure you celebrate responsibly.  No looting or rioting.

Engagement Session: This is the classroom where Emily & Lucas met.  This is the very place their story began.


Wedding Rings: Blake works in visual effects, I wanted him to be able to drop his rings into any film he made in the future. ;)

Bridal Session: Krystle crushed her bridal shoot at Marvin United Methodist in Tyler.

Mug Machine: Much like their wedding day, Lauren & Alex’s Mug Machine was off the hook.  (Do people still say “off the hook”?)


Random:  Lindsey & Jim’s reception and dance floor was the place to be.


Wedding:  I honestly could not have picked a better photo to win this category.

Jaime had been fighting serious migraines all day, in fact we almost had to put off the wedding till later in the day. After the ceremony they were just sitting in the kitchen resting and someone asked them if they were ready to make their entrance and have their first dance. Jaime said she didn’t think she was up for all that. Nolan said no problem. About five minutes later while holding and comforting her they broke out into a slow dance. All alone, with no fanfare, no one clapping, no one watching. I took 3 photos and walked out. It was a moment that just belonged to them.

Just the two of them on their wedding day.

It was a beautiful picture of marriage. It’s not the big public moments that get us through life. It’s not the things we say when everyone is watching. Marriage is about what we do when we are alone.

Marriage is about changing the toilet paper roll.
Marriage is about making the bed.
Marriage is about impromptu slow dances in the kitchen.


Thanks again to everyone who voted.  And to all my 2014 couples.  Let’s make some images that make these 2013 ones look like poo. :)

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