Bridal Photography Tyler TX | Megan
Bridal Photography Tyler TX | Megan

About 5 minutes into Megan’s bridal session she became my least favorite bride of 2009. Here is the problem. Megan found out about me and booked me AFTER she had booked her wedding photographer. Boo. However, she liked my work enough to ask me to do her bridal session. Yeah! Then I met her and started her session and realized that the bridal session would not be enough and I wish I was shooting her wedding in a few months. Boo again.

In all seriousness it was an absolute blast to work with both Megan and her mom. It was super hot the day of the session so they suggested doing some “in their house”. Let me be blunt. This is typically not an idea I jump up and down about, most houses are not designed to host bridal sessions, they are designed to live in. Once I walked into their house however I pretty much felt like I was in photography heaven. Super cool furniture, great lighting, and the perfect dress/bride combo to complete the look. Enough blabbing. Enjoy…

My new favorite picture.

My new second favorite picture.

I totally could not pick just one to blog.

At her house Megan’s mom also told me about a “friend who has a great back yard”. (Another phrase that gives me chills.) Again, nothing against back yards, but potted plants, and green grass do not a Secret Garden make. But, being polite and well paid, I played along and hoped for the best.

Ladies and gentlemen… I give you the Best. Backyard. Ever.

Tyler, Texas everybody.

Thanks so much for an amazing session. I can’t wait to get you the rest of your images and am still mad at you for getting married without me. :)

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