Bridal Photography The Belgium House | Britni
Bridal Photography The Belgium House | Britni

I knew this session would be pretty relaxed. I had no idea it was be as much fun as it turned out.
On the way there it looked like it might rain but I knew it would be OK because The Belgium House has some very cool indoor spots, but I was hoping it would not upset Britni. Once I got there I realized that Britni already had a rain plan. Pink rain boots and an umbrella. :)
So then I started wishing for rain, but alas it never came. Oh well.

Britni went the “non-traditional” rout for her bridal session. Of course we got some great “normal” shots for parents and grandparents to love and frame little 5x7s, but in the end she decided she wanted more of the images to be catered towards Chance and went out of her way to make them fun for him as well. (You’ll see what I mean.)

  Props! Boots and umbrella in case of rain. Flowers because, well, she’s a bride. A gun because Chance likes to hunt.
And get this… she STOLE his Texas hat, guitar and fake ducks to use them in the shoot as well! How great is that?

  Britni can’t play at all, but she is really good at faking it and smiling.

  The gun was not loaded, but still I was glad Britni liked her engagement session photos. :)

  How cool is that crazy tree?

  Her mom and Krista came along for the fun.

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