Bridal Photography Palestine TX | Davi
Bridal Photography Palestine TX | Davi

Davi and her mom were an absolute blast to work with. It’s funny because they kept telling me they wanted to do whatever I said, but then kept suggesting poses and then apologizing for it after. :) We had so much fun driving around town and I’m so stoked about so many of the shots we got.

Davi is getting married out at Elmwood Gardens but wanted a few shots at a church looking all fancy and bride-ly. I think she pulled it off.  

This next shot may be one of my favorite bridal session moments of all time. She is super close to her Great Aunt, but she will not be able to come to the wedding so Davi asked if we could stop by her home and do a few shots of the two of them together and let her see her in the dress. Apparently Davi did not get the memo that brides are supposed to be into themselves and their day and everyone else is supposed to revolve around them. I’m not quite sure why she is thinking of others but I went along with it.  



She will be wearing these on the wedding day. Ingram will be her new last name. (They are also doubling as her “something blue”.)  

Both her fiance’ and her dad served in the armed forces so a tank was a natural fit.  

Also, for all of you looking at this picture and freaking out about things getting dirty, don’t worry.  We kept the tank clean.


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